Toys for Tots, the perennial charitable organization known for bringing gifts to children in need has been hit especially hard by COVID and the people they help need them more than ever this year. This is why twelve Star Wars podcasts are banding together to collect toys this holiday season.

Donating a toy is easy. Simply select a toy or toys from the Amazon Hyper Toy Drive link, place your order and select the BTBD Toy Drive address to ship to and it will be delivered to the Beyond the Blast Doors collection point in New Jersey. Once the collection has ended, all the gifts you've donated will be delivered to the Toys For Tots team in central New Jersey in time to be given to children in need.

Why HYPER TOY DRIVE? It may seem early to collect, but all toys need to be in the Beyond the Blast Doors collection point by December 8 to ensure they can be delivered to and distributed by Toys For Tots. We need to move quicker than the Millennium Falcon on the Kessel Run!

The Amazon list can be found here and orders must be completed by midnight EST, December 4, 2020.

Special thanks to all the podcasts that are working to make this drive happen and make dreams come true for some very special kids this holiday (alphabetical order):

Around the Galaxy 

Beyond the Blast Doors Live 



Idiot's Array 

Kanata's Castle 

Kessel Run Transmissions 

The Sith List 

Star Wars Explained 

Steele Wars 

Tarkin's Top Shelf 

Tatooine Sons