• Andy Lemiere

Usualmike's Star Wars action-figures, #ShowMeYourCollection Spotlight

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

If you like learning about the latest Star Wars toys wrapped in the sweet, sultry sounds of an Australian accent, then you'll love Usualmike!

Mike got his first taste of Star Wars back in 1984 when he was gifted some figures. Now-days he is deep into the Black Series, but will also collect some of the smaller numbered runs of figures like Retro Collection or Resistance (we are big fans of the Resistance line).

Take it out and play or leave it in the box? " I'm %100 leave it in the box because it comes from collecting Hot Wheels... I had over 5000 of them sealed." - Mike

Mike loves the Carbonized Black Series figures and can't wait to get the Boba Fett. His 2 favorite items in his collection are the Convention Exclusive Boba Fett Deco (Black Series) and the Retro Collection Han Solo. One thing we love about his set up is that he has hung carded figures on his door - great way to maximize space and beautify a door!

You can find Mike on Twitter @usualmike30 and please go subscribe to his YouTube Channel "Usualmike". Remember, if you have a collection that we can feature, drop us a line at holochronicles@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter @holochronicles