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Why Was JW Rinzler's "Making of The Force Awakens Book" Cancelled?

JW Rinzler, best known for his heavily detailed behind the scenes books, did an unlisted forty minute live stream on July 1 detailing his future endeavors in Star Wars books. Not much was stated on his departure from Lucasfilm, but the phrase “It (Lucasfilm) was a great company,” was mentioned a few times. His departure occurred with the release of The Force Awakens and wrapping of Rogue One’s principal photography in 2016. 

JW Rinzler does not disclose any of the precise details regarding his departure & what he experienced at Lucasfilm once the Disney acquisition occurred due to his NDA with the company. At the time of departure there was a blog page curated by JW Rinzler detailing the “Rise & Fall of Star Wars” which goes into details about this change of power at LFL. This blog page has since been taken down in 2017. 

The opening discussion in this video dealt with a frequent question “How far along was your The Making of The Force Awakens book?” He went into details explaining that he was granted the opportunity to interview the people involved with the film, but mentioned how he didn't have a good feeling about it being published due to his previous work with Disney. He laughs as he explains that Disney asked him to write a book that they didn’t want to have written or published. 

He continued to explain how there wasn’t anything truly controversial, but rather a detailing of the events around the filmmaking process. He turned in the novel & the feedback was very positive, but the news of cancelation got back to him and he was given no official reason as to why. The only thing he could speculate on was the concept of “control” and when detailing the events of this process it would appear that the production of TFA would bring to light a film with a problematic production. 

“Big Surprise! What big Hollywood movie doesn’t have a lot of problems? But some people are okay with having those problems, kind of spelled out, and others are not so okay with it. But maybe there was something else, who knows! I don't know the whole reason, but that’s my speculation whether the book will ever appear. I really doubt it! Unlikely!” As this was stated, JW Rinzler revealed a smile towards the camera in a laughing tone. 

The interview continued with fan submitted questions detailing his deleted vlog, his time at Lucasfilm, not seeing the newest Star Wars Films, his newest Space Race Novel, and his interview with Marcia Lucas being detailed in a future novel. The full interview can be found here and it’s 100% worth a listen. 

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