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What Does a Dark Jedi Collect? Holochronicles | #showmeyourcollection

We at Holochronicles have a saying: we express our fandom through our collections. Jarod is a fan of many things, not the least of which is Star Wars. With a Twitter handle of @darkjedi2552 you can bet that he has a lightsaber or two.

In fact, they are his favorite items! "My favorite items are my lightsabers as they are my favorite thing to collect and one of my favorite Star Wars things period, but to pick one saber it’s gotta be the lightsaber I built at Galaxy’s Edge (purple)."

But Jarod has expanded from collecting to cosplaying! "Wasn’t sure if cosplay counted as collection stuff but that’s my Last Jedi Kylo Ren cosplay at Steel City Comic Con!"

So what is next on his list of items to get? "Now that the Ben Solo pops are confirmed (and pre-ordered lol) my number one get would be a new saber, namely Leia’s or Rey’s yellow one because my goal is to eventually have every lightsaber owned and used by a Skywalker." That is a fantastic collector goal to have. Truly inspiring.

I’ve been collecting my whole life. I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as i can remember so between the toys from when I was a kid to some of my Dad’s stuff he passed down to me, my most prized possessions are Star Wars swag. - Jarod

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