• Andy Lemiere

Victor's Geeky Space Collection

When your twitter handle is @GeekToyLove, odds are you're getting someone who is into some deep sci-fi toy and collectible fandom. Victor loves all things "space" related; specifically Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate. You might see a few Halo items sprinkled in his collection as well.

Victor has an affinity for miniature ships and collectible weaponry. If you follow him on twitter, you'll see him post pictures of the latest items he has 3D printed. We love collectors/collections that have an identity and he doesn't seem to deviate outside a handful of things. He has a ton of 3.75" figures (see below) but space has limited their ability to be displayed. Space is always a factor!

Here's his collector experience in his own words: "One of the first things I collected were the Star Wars minis Galoob made in the late nineties under their MicroMachines (MM) brand. I was growing up in Germany and they were easy to find and not too expensive to get into. I remember one Xmas I got hat Millennium Falcon playset with all the tiny characters (it’s in storage somewhere). When we moved back to the states I couldn’t bring everything and where all the Joes and figures didn’t make the cut all the MM stuff had to come.

College came, years passed, and it wasn’t until I was able to settle down a bit and had a place I was going to stay in longer than a year that I was able to get them back out. The collection then started, now over 15 years ago, with one shelf in the living room. Shelf became a curio case, and with room to expand it grew beyond that. It was the Titanium Series (TS) and DeAgostini die-cast vehicles that got me back into collecting. Spaceships was all I wanted and they were perfect. Inexpensive, not terribly hard to track down, and small enough not to take up a lot of space. They were like $3.99 at that time and all the MM and TS ships I had could fit in that curio.

Then kids came and for a few years there was no collecting and then this amazing thing happened. I got them into Star Wars! And they were into spaceship battle and action figures. By the time they were just a few years old, they were hugely into LEGO! There’s always been a clear divide between what’s my collection and what are ‘toys’ though. In my collection Star Wars took a bit of a backseat for years. LEGO and 3.75” action figures were toys and I had other interest to collect. It wasn’t until a few years ago Fantasy Flight Games released X-Wing and Armada that I felt something new was available for my collection, something with good quality and low price point and high quantity. I missed out on Master Replicas high point with 1:1 replicas and only managed to snag a set of Maul lightsabers but Hasbro’s relaunch of the ForceFX line has been fantastic! Last year the Hasbro 6” figure line finally made a leap in quality for likeness now Star Wars is steadily growing its share in the GeekDen. My most recent acquisitions are the Mandalorian’s blaster and Armorer Works DL-44 and A-180 replicas and more blasters will be added for sure. An E-11 is likely top of the list as well as the NN-14."

Thanks for sharing with us Victor!

If you'd like to reach out to Victor, you can find him on Twitter @GeekToyLove

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