• Andy Lemiere

Vadergirl's "Most Impressive" Star Wars Collection!

If you have spent any time in Star Wars circles, you find out pretty quickly that there aren't an abundance of women who collect. Thankfully, more and more women are getting into it and our girl Kat has a collection that men and women alike can drool over!

Kat started collecting 23 years ago, when she was 11. "I started collecting because I wanted to be like my 'cool' brother in law. It then quickly turned into me falling in love with Star Wars and never looked back."

"I have two favorite things in my collection. My favorite action figure would be my Darth Vader, that is signed my David Prowse, but out of my whole collection would be my original Revenge of the Jedi poster."

Kat has a bit of everything ranging from vintage to modern, and a healthy dose of LEGO. The next thing on her "get list" is a Darth Maul Sith Training figure from the Saga line. As we looked through the photo gallery, we were so impressed with the organization of her collection. Everything in place, everything is visible. Empirical precision....for someone who's namesake is the dark lord himself. Also, the Ewok Tree Hut is sweet! Well done Kat!

You can find Kat on Twitter @vadersgirl28 - please tell her what you think of her set up! If you have a Star Wars Collection that you'd like us to feature, DM us on twitter @holochronicles or email us at holochronicles@gmail.com for our #showmeyourcollection features!