• David Amelotti

Vader and Snowtrooper Funko Pop! revealed, sixth and final in Battle at Echo Base Series

All good things must come to an end but thankfully for our wallets, the sixth and final figure in the Amazon Exclusive series celebrating Empire Strikes Back has been revealed. Vader is accompanied by a snowtrooper who undoubtedly failed to capture the rebels fleeing Echo Base aboard the Millennium Falcon. You can pre-order yours right now on Amazon.

This is the largest of the six figures with two characters displayed. Maybe our second favorite to the Han and TaunTaun combo that is the second in this line. The detail of Vader's helmet is exceptional, especially with those red tinted lenses. One also has to appreciate his cape positioned as if blowing in the wind. Again, probably from the Falcon blasting it's way off of Hoth.

This series really did capture iconic moments and characters from Empire Strikes Back and that glorious first act on Hoth. These figures have a level of detail beyond the original Funko Pops! Each figure can be individually purchased. We listed each of the figures of the series below with links to order to help out.

  1. The Wampa

  2. Han and the TaunTaun

  3. Chewie

  4. The Probe Droid

  5. Leia

  6. Vader and the Snow Trooper

What do you think of this series of Star Wars Funko Pops!? Have you collected them? If not, will you start? Let us know on Twitter @BTBDStarWars to continue this Star Wars conversation!