• Andy Lemiere

UK collector's dining room has vintage Star Wars vibe #ShowMeYourCollection

"We would be honored if you would join us... for dinner." - Darth Vader?

This week, our friend Paul Smith @smiffytheforce has a Star Wars themed dining room that is incredible! Paul has been collecting for the last 15 years and is primarily focused on the vintage (1978-1983) toys because "that's where the memories are at".

There are so many things about this room to love - how many dining rooms feature a 1:1 scale Han in Carbonite? The art is tasteful and the care taken in displaying the movie posters with lightsabers is top-notch. When pressed, Paul would have to say that his two favorite items are his boxed AT-AT and his unopened Imperial Shuttle! Great collection Paul! Thank you for sharing.

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