• David Amelotti

Troublesome Falleen: Is it or is it not Xizor in The Clone Wars?

Anyone on Twitter can relate that you can't scroll for more than 90 seconds before you come across someone talking about Star Wars The Clone Wars and more specifically this final arc, "Siege of Mandalore."

One scene causing a stir is from Part 2 where Maul tells the crime syndicate leaders to go into hiding. Yes, that is a youger Dryden Vos on the right. The middle, Marg Krim, the Pyke leader from the previous Martez sister arc. On the right, that's where fans are clashing. Many believe this well dressed figure on the right is the new canon debut of Xizor. But who is Xizor? How do you say Xizor? Why should we care? Here's our best effort to answer those questions and others.

In the Expanded Universe, Xizor was a Falleen Prince the leader of the Black Sun crime organization during the Galactic Civil War. Xizor a member of high society keeping his headquarters on Coruscant.

Following the Battle of Hoth, Xizor was considered one of the most influential beings in the galaxy. He was referred to as on the same level as Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader thanks to his wealth and influence.

The Emperor was well aware of Xizor in the Expanded Universe. Check out this excerpt from the 1998 book Slave Ship.

"Every atom of my being is at your command." "How pleasant it would be, Xizor, to believe that. But I am not such a fool. For one of your devious nature—and high ambitions—to be totally loyal would be a miracle beyond the scope of the Force itself. Even without the Force, I would be able to see well enough into your heart. You are not so devoid of self-interest, Xizor, as you would have me believe. If you wish to see the Empire achieve its fated glory, for its dominion across the galaxy to be total, then such a desire is due to your own lust for glory and power. You tie your ambitions to the Empire, because you know that is the best way to achieve them."

In new canon, Xizor is stilll a falleen male prince-turned crime-lord but he is thought of so far as a legend...in a cookbook. That's right. A chef named Strono Tuggs mentions Xizor as the namesake of the Xizor Salad in the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook. There is FAR MORE to the story of Xizor in EU and it's worth exploring if you're into the Star Wars underworld.

With that out of the way we can finally explain that it's actually Ziton Moj in this image. Moj is a male Falleen who did work for Black Sun during the Clone Wars. He actually took over the organization when he joined Maul's Shadow Collective. That was a forced decision because Savage Opress, Maul's brother, killed the Black Sun leadership for not agreeing to join Maul. Fans met Moj for the first time in Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five, Episode 16 "The Lawless."

"Black Sun and the Pykes joined your Collective on the promise of greater profits Maul, but this is becoming your own personal crusade—one that's already cost us Zanbar, Ord Mantell, and the Mandalorian Asteroid outpost." "Perhaps your plan isn't as sure as you say." "You'll be paid—if that's all you want. In the meantime return to your respective sectors and prepare for our next phase. Once Darth Sidious is dead, the galaxy will be ours for the taking." ―Ziton Moj, Fife, and Darth Maul

Moj has a fascinating story trying to team up with the Pykes, a headquarters on Mustafar, and crossing paths with Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos.

So there you have it, Xizor is no more than a legend in new canon but as the saying goes, "There's always a bit of truth in legends." But hey, if someone wants to pretend it is Xizor in this scene in their head canon, like Andy from Holochronicles, go ahead if it allows you to enjoy this scene much more.

Do you think it's a missed opportunity to not include a younger Xizor or retcon his EU legacy for the sake of this scene? Tell us why or why not by tweeting us @BTBDStarWars to continue this Star Wars conversation.