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TOY REVIEW: The Black Series Heavy Infantry Mandalorian (BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE)

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The following review is from BTBD LIVE! Co-host, Jesse Buch.

When I first heard that we were getting another black series Mandalorian, from the new show that wasn't the main character. I just knew that I had to add it to my collection.

Upon receiving this heavily armored Mandalorian known as Paz Visla voiced by Jon Favreau.

I could barely contain my excitement because so far we've only seen this character in a darkened environment which limits us from seeing details on his armor for example his color scheme.

If we dive into the EU lore on Mandalorian color meanings, Most of Paz's armor consists of a darker blue color tone with light blue coloring on his helmet's cheeks,his right gauntlet a deep red/brown, his boots and left gauntlet have a yellow/gold tone to them. These colors indicate that he his Honoring and remembering a parent and that he's reliable.

So far, nothing in the show has confirmed or denied that these colors having purpose or meaning. But if they do, it does fit the characters heritage and would be a suiting background story.

While I plan on leaving my Heavy Mando in his box, I would guess that his hip armor would limit this figures ability to be posed in different positions.

His heavy canon and jet-pack are very cool but the added weight from them may throw the figures center point of balance off.

However, since the goal of the black series figures is to provide accurate details, I'd say Hasbro really nailed it with this figure. I wouldn't make any changes to the figure mostly because this representation seems very true to what we saw on screen.

My final score would be a solid 9.5 out of 10!

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