• Shannon Moran

Top 5 Must-Haves for a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the award winning game took the world by storm. I remember this game didn't come with the same fanfare as the two Battlefront games, to the point where its announcement was casually dropped by a single developer during an interview. Much like Project Maverick - which became what we know as Star Wars Squadrons, Jedi: Fallen Order flew in under the radar.

Once the game was released, I was immediately pulled in by the characters, and by Cal coming to terms with who he was and who he ultimately wants to be. We know EA and Respawn want to make this a franchise, with the announcement of a sequel to fall under the Star Wars Jedi umbrella. Today I am going to break down the top 5 things I would like to see in the upcoming sequel, hopefully due in 2022:

1. Continuation of Cal and Merrin's story, and dealing with their moral dilemmas as they clearly are fighting their training and conditioning. Like games such as Dishonoured 2 or Assassins Creed, I would like the option to play as either character. But unlike those games, it would be interesting to be able to change your decision after each mission, rather than being locked in for the entire game. I think it would be fascinating to have Merrin as the mystical character with a fighting side, and then have Cal who has the fighting ability mixed in with his Force powers. Maybe even the possibility of crossing over, as seen in the Mass Effect trilogy. An honour system where some powers are red for Dark side and other colours to represent the Light - similar to Dante’s Inferno or the gage found in Red Dead Redemption.

2. Customisations. Now I understand that this all needs to be kept canon and internally consistent. Cal's poncho look can still be retained, but perhaps also with an option to dip into his look from earlier concept art, or have things like trousers and shirts that can be adjusted. Nothing too mind blowing, but something that can make him more the player's choice. I would also like the option to adjust things like facial hair and styles, as seen in this Cal mod above.

3. A 2-5 planet ratio. What I mean by this is to have new Star Wars stories feel like they are still part of the galaxy far far away, there needs to be a little of the old to compliment the new. I feel that the next game should have 2 planets that are already canon. Ideally, for me that would be Dathomir and Jedha, which I will get to further on the list. I would like to see the other 5 planets be new, or even something brought back from EU back into canon.

4. Side Quests. However, there should to be a story reason for these quests, which will allow you to dive more into the story of the characters, not just fetch quests. They should give you further lore and world-building, without having you miss massive plot points or story beats if you choose to skip them. Because let's be honest, finding tarot cards and fossils in Red Dead Redemption 2 was extremely annoying. But if it helps with your in-game ability or something (like I thought all the plants would in Jedi: Fallen Order) then I'm all for it.

5. Canon character cameos that aren’t the big three. JFO has already had two cameos from Saw and Vader, which was great and again is mixing that something old with something new. But I don't want to see, say, Yoda, or Obi-Wan: there is a bigger universe. But who could speak to our two protagonists? I propose Chîrrut and Baze, as well as Maul and Qi’ra. I'd love to see the Guardians of the Whills covered in the game, and see our two favourite monks make an appearance on Jedha. Same goes with Maul and Qi'ra on Dathomir. I would love to see Maul appalled that Marrin would choose a Jedi over her own people, or see how Cal reminds Qi'ra of Han. We can even have Teräs Käsi continue to make a canon appearance, and become a skill that you can learn as either Cal or Merrin.

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