• Andy Lemiere

Insane Mandalorian collectibles, Holochronicles #ShowMeYourCollection

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Todd is a Mando-guy.

"I started collecting roughly 4ish years ago with various funkos, but started collecting a bit more seriously about 2 years ago. My collection was mostly focused around Boba Fett (up until The Mandalorian came out) because I grew up as a massive Boba fan. Once The Mandalorian was announced I was super excited and wanted to get in on the collecting for as much as possible early on. Now my collection is mostly around The Mandalorian, specifically Funko Pops and Black Series, but I’ve recently gotten into TVC and Hot Toys/Sideshow figures." -Todd

The unique-ness of collecting is one of the coolest part about what we do at the Holochronicles. Everyone's is a little different, and focuses on different things - even among Star Wars fans! Last week's collection was centered around the Disneyland attraction Star Tours, this week its a tv-show themed display. Who knows what next week will bring???

The next big thing on my list is the life size The Child figure from Sideshow Collectibles (AWESOME). After that it’s just adding any new figures from the future seasons of The Mandalorian, possibly getting more into the Mando TVC line. If I could branch out my collection, I would want to get more into some prop replica collecting of the various helmets, blasters, and lightsabers from the films.

I must admit, that helmet is pretty badass.

You can find Todd on Twitter @toddnosebest or on YouTube on the Black Squadron Podcast. If you have a Star Wars collection (of any size) that you'd like us to feature on our weekly #showmeyourcollection then get ahold of us @holochronicles on Twitter or holochronicles@gmail.com