• Shannon Moran

TO YOUR STATIONS: Star Wars Squadrons gets Holiday DLC featuring classic ships

VooDoo Squadron to your ships! Today, to the delight of many, EA Star Wars released a pilot brief stating that thanks to the enormous outpouring of support, Star Wars Squadrons is getting not one, but two free updates! This is a welcome surprise as many of the developers said that the game would not include any updates. They did add "never say never", if the support was high enough, and it looks like it was!

The first update will drop on the 25th of November, and will include:

New Map: Fostar Haven

A new map is coming to multiplayer: a fan favourite Fostar Haven, from the game’s first prologue mission! In the update, the map will be added to Fleet Battles and the Dogfight mode.

Set in a remote, lawless area of space under the light of twin stars, this map has been updated from its story mode counterpart to provide a new experience that should fit well with the other six maps. In the Prologue of Squadrons, which is set at the height of the Galactic Civil War, Fostar Haven was an isolated trading station that welcomed smugglers and pirates. Helix Squadron was sent there to search the cargo docks for Alderaanian refugees.

Now, four years later, the denizens of Fostar Haven have made a few upgrades to their station, trusting neither the Empire nor the New Republic. You'll have the chance to weave through the crowded dockyards or take the fight to open space. - EA.com

In this update, we are also getting four new components for Fighters and Bomber classes - check out the full EA pilot brief to see it all broken down.

For the second update coming in December, we are getting something we have been dreaming about. It's nothing short of a Life Day Miracle.

Two New Starfighters

We are getting two new starfighters! One for the New Republic and one for the Galactic Empire to round out your squadron. First for the Republic Side:

"Designed as the “Blade Wing” prototype by Mon Calamari engineer Quarrie and finely tuned under General Hera Syndulla’s guidance, the A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter makes its way into the New Republic’s fleet in this update."

Not to be left out the Empire will receive:

"Naturally, there’s a fitting counterpart for it going to the opposing faction, too. From the mind of the brilliant military tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn and Sienar Fleet Systems, the TIE/d “Defender” multi-role starfighter will join the Imperial Navy as well."

For us here at BTBD Network and VooDoo Squad, it's the introduction of Private Matches that really has our ears perked! There will be a whole bunch of custom factors that can be added to private matches and will help grow fan run tournaments such as Project Ace and Creators Clash - and you can bet your tip yip that we at BTBD and VooDoo Squadrons already have had an E-Tournament in the works! What are you excited for? Let us know in the comments down below, or on twitter and See You In The Stars!

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