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THIS IS THE DAY! Date for New episodes of The Mandalorian annouced

Lucasfilm, Disney announced Wednesday new episodes of The Mandalorian will start to stream October 30th on Disney+.

For months, fans have been waiting for the trailer for the second season to drop. Many hoped this past weekend would yield the trailer because it was originally the date of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

Maybe the strategy is The Mandalorian trailer would have such a pull regardless when it drops, it's best to drop on it's own day to have no competition. It's possible as fans we are over thinking it. Either way, TODAY IS THE DAY WE KNOW WHEN SEASON TWO WILL DROP AND MAYBE GET THE TRAILER LETS FREAKING GO BABY!

Exactly one minute before this tweet, I hoped on the @BTBDStarWars accout (give us a follow) and tweeted out the following:

Simply, YES! I was wrong. By a minute! And I couldn't be happier about my new found ability to tweet things into existence. Of course, I can't take credit for this but honestly, I was dragging the start to this Wednesday and now I will stay glued to the internet in hopes of witnessing the trailer for The Mandalorian Season 2!