• David Amelotti

The three planets we want to visit in future "Solo" sequel, #MakeSolo2Happen

Fans might find it hard to believe that Solo: A Star Wars Story dropped into theaters just two years ago. It feels like a decade but that's more because two years later a passionate sect of Star Wars fans continue their mission to motivate Disney/Lucasfilm to revisit the Solo franchise.

In an effort to contribute to the push for more Star Wars stories, the Beyond The Blast Doors Network is counting down to May 25th with a story each day listing reasons why we want to #MakeSolo2Happen. A shout out to the good people at The Resistance Broadcast who ignited the effort to #MakeSolo2Happen, popularizing the hashtag. In this article we are going to identify the three planets we want to visit in the "Solo" sequel because we want a vacation!


Yes, Corellia was the setting of the opening scenes of the first "Solo" movie but we only really saw Coronet City, the capitol city, which featured the massive shipyards producing Star Destroyers for the Empire. But Corellia has a beautiful and somewhat tragic past that is slowly returning to canon.

In the EU, Corellia was the backdrop for orange kyber crytals, a teamup between Colonel Veers and Grand Admiral Thrawn, and a hotbed for an Imperial fraction after The Battle of Endor. But for some time we have been curious about the beauty of the planet with multiple references throughout the Star Wars story about Corellian Wine. Maybe it's an assumption but if there is good wine there must be beautiful vineyards that make the finest of grapes. We're still not sure if it's a finer wine or if it's bottom shelf stuff. The drink was a favorite of Han Solo and Chewbacca. They had one or two late nights with the drink and some included Princess Leia. That sounds far worse than what actually happens. There is something romantic and tragic about Han returning to his home world and X years taking on bounties and missions trying to make enough scratch to keep himself, Chewie, and the "Falcon," fed. We're confident it would have to be a paid gig forcing him to return to Corellia because the loner has no other reason to return.

*For those who enjoy digging through books and other canon, check out comics Darth Maul 5, Star Wars 6 and 8, and books Alphabet Squadron, Last Shot, The Perfect Weapon, and Galaxy's Edge Black Spire to find mentions of this wine.


What really excites us about a return to Tatooine is the idea of witnessing some runs that build up Solo's reputation, especially around Mos Eisley. Tatooine seems to make the most sense because Han and

Chewie blast off at the end of "Solo" to go meet Jabba. A fun sequel would be a gangster type movie orchestrated by the Hutt crime family who is threatened by an outside force. In a previous article we made the argument that the best threat for a movie like this would be Maul's Crimson Dawn. There are two issues with this idea. The first, would Maul find the Hutts on an outer rim planet to be of use or any threat in the first place? Maul has visited the desert planet once before as a Sith Apprentice to hunt down Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. As it turns out, it's where he returns to ultimately die at the hands of Kenobi 2. Maul couldn't come into contact with Han to maintain Han's innocence of the force.


Maul's birthplace and location of the Crimson Dawn corporate headquarters. At least, that's an assumption based on Maul's instructions to Qi'ra at the end of "Solo," to meet him on Dathomir at the end of "Solo." Maul seemed upset about the death of Drydon Vos. Maybe that's why he says he and Qi'ra will be working more closely now to deal with Beckett and his accomplices.

Dathomir feels like a fun backdrop to explore some Sith/ dark side alchemy where Maul can channel the dark through the force. The same kind of experience Vader has by building his castle on Mustafar, the

location of his greatest failure. Maul, like Vader is half man, and it would be interesting to see what mechanisms Maul develops to channel his rage? With the wealth of Crimson Dawn, can Maul manufacture a meditation chamber? Does he have a temple or some facility where he can train his next apprentice? Fans may enjoy Qi'ra adapting the Mara Jade story line. Just a theory with not much ground to stand on other than we know she will be working with Maul closely as mentioned before. Returning to this planet also gives Clone Wars and Rebels fans a chance at a live-action cameo of Mother Talzen or multiple nightsisters - Witches of Dathomir that were a clan and order of magic-wielding females who lived on Dathomir. They performed arcane magick by tapping into Dathomir's mystical energy.

What interesting here is that as far as we know, Maul is on Dathomir at the end of "Solo" but we don't see or read about him there again until some point around 2 BBY when he goes there with Ezra Bridger during Star Wars Rebels to unlock a Sith Holocron.

And fun fact, Rancors are native to Dathomir. So what if Han and Chewie are tasked by Jabba to travel to Dathomir and capture a rancor for the Hutt's palace on Tatooine? You know the further I went with that sentence I felt like I actually got a fun plot idea but it feels extremely unlikely. But if Han and Chewie can capture rathtars, why not a Rancor?!

What do you think of our list of planets we want to visit in the next "Solo" project? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @BTBDNET to continue this Star Wars conversation!