• Shannon Moran

The Sims Heads to a Galaxy Far Far Away

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

On August 27th at Gamescom 2020 we got our first look at a galaxy far far away coming to The Sims 4 in their upcoming game back Star Wars: Journey to Batuu. I gave my initial reaction to the trailer in a previous article but now we also got an additional “Gameplay” video as well going into further detail on what this game pack was going to bring

Now I need to be careful this is not the same as an expansion pack. An Expansion pack adds on to the base game where as a game pack is a separate self contained area. It’s tricky as I am reconnecting with the sims community alot of them seem to respond with “why?” And sadly the same can be echoed in parts of the star wars community. But I am seeing slowly that there are more people than just myself that are excited for this and are fans of both

It has been a long time since I played the sims, but I have been a life long supporter of the game, all the way back to the original games playing when I was a freshman in college - I just sadly stopped playing them as I transitioned from a PC player to a console player - and this game for me was sadly left in shadows. But for me this new game pack has me coming back to the game, and on console no less, so I am able to stream it for your viewing pleasure.

In the first teaser trailer we got at games com showed alot of detail. I was very blessed to head to Batuu (East) around Christmas time last year, and seeing this trailer shows me just how much detail is put into this game. From the costumes and food looking like whats at Galaxy’s Edge, to the cantina and the assortment of aliens and characters that show up in the park! We got Vi Moradi, Kylo Ren and It even sounds like Jim Cummings is returning as Hondo Ohnaka even if it is in the Sims gibberish language.

With the game pack as teased in the second video it looks like we are getting a tone of inspire building, clothing, and furnishing options which has me so excited for the possibilities. It also looks like you have to choose a side (you know I love that for my streams) and choose the influence that is over Batuu (blink and you miss it there are a banner change)

You can build a lightsaber after collecting pieces or head over the droid depot and make your own droid, which looks like you can take home with you. I’m very excited for these aspects, but also excited to build homes and decorate with more Star Wars inspired stuff.

To address the elephant in the room. I know both communities have their gripes with this, and thats totally valid and I’m not here to say you shouldn’t feel this way. But as with all new announcements and things please just don’t take your anger and upset and ruin it for others.

You can catch me streaming this game very soon with a “lets build” and “lets play” sessions in the future on my twitch. In the mean time check out all the other wonderful articles here on the Beyond the Blast Doors network.

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