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The Mandalorian Special Look Drops on Monday Night Football

Disney dropped what many fans believe is the final tease of The Mandalorian before Disney+ becomes available early Tuesday morning.

We see the Mandalorian walk into a cantina. He is immediately greeted by rogues speaking in a foreign tongue.


IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME SUBTITLES ARE USED FOR OTHER RACES IN STAR WARS. This makes the Star Wars galaxy feel more immersive. This has been done a few times in Star Wars storytelling. Jabba and Greedo come to mind. But far more examples come to mind of unique alien species speaking basic (English) with an accent. Maybe a small detail for some fans but this is just another example of how Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are paying attention to detail.


The special look continues as a character says something The Mandalorian doesn't like so he begins shooting up the bar. We then see an extended shot of The Mandalorian capturing his bounty with the door.

You can watch the "Special Look," for yourself down below.

What do you think of this "special look," of The Mandalorian? Does it further excite you to watch the first episode on Tuesday, November 12th? Comment below or tweet us at @BTBDStarWars with your take!