• Andy Lemiere

The Future (Demise) of Grogu?

**Warning: there are some gentle spoilers from Season 2 Episode 14 in this article.

“We need to talk.”

I always get a pit in my stomach when someone says that to me, because it’s usually bad news. And just like any chat that you're not looking forward to, I should have brought it up a couple weeks ago. Sooo I hate to say this folks but . . . we need to talk.

About Grogu not making it.

No one wants to talk about it and someone should. I promise this isn’t morbid clickbait, nor is it based off of other movies/tv shows killing off main characters. There’s Star Wars-y reasons to consider this sad possibility. What I hope to show (and discuss) is that it’s not such a crazy idea – and we should take a moment to prepare ourselves, just in case.

As my BTBD Network pal Scotty Jayro once said, “The Child might be the smartest thing

Disney ever did.” Grogu (aka The Child) was an instantly fan-favorite, skyrocketing The Mandalorian TV series up to the most streamed show ever. His cuteness, fragility, humor and species make him accessible and loved by all ages of Star Wars fans. Marketing for Grogu has kicked into overdrive in the last 6 months as well. You can find him on nearly everything!

But as is the case with any well-conceived character, there is always conflict - and Grogu is a wanted boy. He has been under siege from bounty hunters, Kamino cloners, Empire remnants, ice spiders and Dark Troopers since we have known him – and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. Thankfully Din (the Mandalorian) has been there to rescue & protect him. . . up until now.

Moff Gideon wants Grogu because his high “M-count” (Midichlorian). Gideon believes that

Grogu’s blood has the ability to make his cloned Troopers “Force-sensitive”. To date, all of Gideon’s experiments have fallen short, so Grogu seems to be the only key to unlock his problem.

“But why would Disney kill off their most beloved (and lucrative) character – especially after we have just given him a name???” Here are 4 reasons it could happen:

  1. There are many of examples of great Star Wars characters who have died too soon: Kanan Jarrus, Maul (just the first time), everyone in Rogue One, and fist-fulls of Jedi and Clones. No one really gets a “happily ever after” in Star Wars. That isn’t to say that a life cut short can’t be fulfilling, but why should Grogu be any different?

  2. The Mandalorian is about a bounty hunter who takes a job that ends up turning into a moral quest for Din. While the duo has been fun and intriguing, this has always been a temporary pairing. I realize this could change, but the show has always been about getting Grogu safely to his kind, or die trying. Din, as a bounty hunter, could still have many adventures that don’t include Grogu as a co-pilot – and he’d have to move on once he got Grogu to his kind anyway. By it's name, the show needs the Mando, but it doesn't necessarily need Grogu.

  3. We know that by The Force Awakens (takes place years after the events in the Mandalorian), creating a Force-sensitive clone is now possible. The easiest conclusion is that Moff Gideon successfully was able to finally do it – and that would likely mean it’s at Grogu’s expense. (And my favorite vehicle to get Grogu to Gideon is via trade with Bo Katan for the Darksaber!)

  4. Grogu is a valuable piece on a large chess board. The more people that know about him, and the longer he is “out there”, the smaller his world becomes and therefore the more dangerous it is for him. Not only is it incredibly rare for Star Wars characters to have "Happily Ever Afters", but it’s also rare for someone to be old and die of natural causes. Allow me to rabbit-trail: If Grogu makes it to the Seeing Stone on Tython, wouldn’t it be reasonable to think that Luke Skywalker is who he connects with? We know Luke was actively seeking out Jedi, Force-sensitive people and Jedi/Sith artifacts in hopes to restart the Jedi Order. So even if Grogu were to have made it to the New Jedi Temple, Kylo Ren eventually burns it all down and wipes them all out. There aren’t a lot of scenarios that end well for this kid.

From a personal standpoint, I want the best for Grogu. I'd prefer it if he lived. But the realities of life, especially a Star Wars life, are cold and cruel. Whenever “hope” is mentioned, it’s always about tomorrow and unfortunately, I worry that we won't see many more tomorrow’s for our little, green friend.

“Will 900 years old he become? The under, I will take.” – Master Yoda?

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