• Andy Lemiere

The Best Star Wars Figure Cabinet You'll Ever See.

Marky D recently posted to Twitter a video of his figure collection that made all of our jaws drop. We absolutely had to feature him for our weekly #showmeyourcollection As you look through this article, you'll find that Mark's collection is awesome, but one thing stood out (like few things we have ever seen).....and here it is!

Isn't that cabinet amazing? Wow. Mark has a complete vintage figure line that includes some very cool variants, but admits that his vinyl-caped Jawa and his carded Empire Strikes Back Zuckuss are his favorites.

"I have a Zuckuss focus, he was the first figure I got as a kid. I first saw Star Wars with the October 1982 first UK TV showing, dragged my Mum to the shops the next day! Zuckuss started me off." -Marky D

The original boxes are harder and harder to come by and his seem to be in great shape. What a cool vintage collection!

Other Star Wars items that Mark has collected: "I have about 50 carded POTF2 figures, and a full carded run of Episode 1, The Last Jedi, Rogue One and Solo figures, and I love the 5 POA figures. I also collect the Canon books and comics since 2015. I have all the comics including all but one of the Figure variant covers, also have all the new novels in hardback."

You can find Mark on Twitter @Mach_7T3 - and let him know what you think! If you have a Star Wars collection (of any size) that you'd like us to feature, DM us @holochronicles or email us at holochronicles@gmail.com