• Andy Lemiere

Tez Rowland's Vintage Figure Review.

Tez is yet another of our UK brothers (shout out to the Paliboys!) who has grown up with a passion for Star Wars. Originally from Chester, Tez was 4 years old when an original R2D2 hooked him back in 1978. It took him until 1996 to complete his figure collection "...back when figures were still cheap!"

"My favorite item has got to be my Paliytoy vintage Death Star (boxed). Which I bought from a friend back in 85. Snapped it up with my pocket money. Imagine buying a Death Star now for £5. My all time favourite figure has got to be Red Snaggletooth. He's all over my branding. As he was the last figure I needed to complete from the original line (pre the last 17)." - Tez

(scroll video to 8 minutes in)

Tez says he isn't much of a modern collector but does grab the occassional Black Series figure from time to time.

"As I don't have a complete vintage collection I'm always  on the lookout for a remote controlled Jawa Sandcrawler and a Droid factory/Jabba's Dungeon and I still need a Droids A Wing. Let the search continue!"

You can find Tez on twitter @tezmondo74 and has his own youTube channel, where you can watch great videos like this:

"I'm on a mission to review everything I owned from my childhood. I hope it takes me years!"

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