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Ten facts to prepare for The Book of Boba Fett Disney+ series

Boba Fett, the only unaltered clone of the notorious Jango Fett, has seen a bit of a renaissance thanks to his appearance in The Mandalorian and subsequent announcement of his own Disney+ Series, The Book of Boba Fett. Now is the perfect time to brush up on ten things you may not have known about the most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy far, far away.

#1. Eight Actors in the Armor

More than half a dozen people have donned the armor for Boba Fett's onscreen appearances. Most famously, he has been played by Temura Morrison and the late Jeremy Bulloch. Daniel Logan played him as a child in Attack of the Clones. Five other actors including a USC film professor, an R2-D2 puppeteer and a VFX artist at ILM have played him in live action.

#2. Boba Bartender

The original voice of Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back was delivered by Jason Wingreen, who was an American actor best known as bartender Harry Snowden in the classic television sitcoms, All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place.

#3. Two designers

While Joe Johnston is credited with designing the bounty hunter's look (originally meant to be an Imperial supercommando), he drew on original concepts from Ralph McQuarrie, including some very early designs for Darth Vader.

#4. Jingle Jangle

It was legendary sound designer, Ben Burtt's, idea to add the classic spur sound effect to

Boba's entrance on Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back. He felt it added to the "Old West" vibe that George Lucas wanted for the character. It was that same sound cue used in The Mandalorian that foreshadowed his return to observant fans.

#5. The Big Bad

At one point in the development of Return of the Jedi, Lucas had plotted Boba Fett as the main villain of the film. He decided to go with the Emperor storyline while writing in 1981 upon deciding he was not going to be making the sequel trilogy. Little did we know...

#6. Escape From the Sarlacc

Lucas had considered adding a scene to the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi that would show Boba Fett escaping the Great Pit of Carkoon but decided against it citing it would detract from the story's focus. In 2014 JW Rinzler revealed that George Lucas admitted that Fett had survived the ordeal.

#7. Limited Screen Time

Before the Special Editions, Boba Fett had a mere 7 minutes and 32 seconds of screen time. Even with his added SE cameos, his footage comes in at less than nine of the entire Original Trilogy's over 388 minutes.

#8. Bring Cad Bane Back

In animatics revealed at a Star Wars Celebration, there was a four-episode arc planned for the Clone Wars animated series that would have featured Boba Fett teaming up with infamous alien bounty hunter, Cad Bane. Before Boba eventually takes Bane's life in the story, the Duros fired a shot that created Boba's iconic helmet dent.

#9. Brother Boba

While drafting the early stories for the Star Wars prequels, George Lucas explored a plot line that had Boba and Anakin Skywalker as brothers but he considered it "too hokey." Insert comment about Anakin building C-3PO here, fans.

#10. A Hefty Bounty

The legendary "Rocket Firing" Boba Fett prototype action figure was created as a promotion to sell Kenner Star Wars toys in 1979. Due to fear of lawsuits levied against the company from the choke hazard potential of the rocket, the toy was released with the projectile glued in place. However, about a dozen were produced with the spring-loaded rocket launch feature and have become a "Holy Grail" collectible. It has sold for as much as $186,000 at auction!

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