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Teaser for final "Rise of Skywalker" trailer breaks internet with Millennium Falcon "dropping in"

A 15 second teaser dropped Monday afternoon to preview the final trailer for "The Rise of Skywalker," set to drop during Monday Night Football on ESPN.

In the four seconds of new footage within the teaser fans see ships flying towards an icy landscape. A second scene shows what seems to be hundreds of ships flying in formation with the Millennium Falcon dropping into the shot to lead the charge.

You can watch that footage directly below.

There is some speculation on that ice planet. We do know some planets in "Rise of Skywalker," have been revealed. Those known planets by the way are Kijimi, Pasaana, Exogol, and Kef Bir. We know that Kijimi is a snow covered planet. Per Vanity Fair back in May, the planet is "Snow-dusted and home to the shadowy Thieves' Quarter." It's also described in Vanity Fair's work as, "A cross between Jedha, Nar Shaddaa, and Hoth.

*Personally, I would love for this planet to be Ilum. It's a planet I didn't know about until the 2003 Clone Wars micro-series on the Cartoon Network. A two season cartoon that bridged Attack of the Clones (2002) to The Revenge of the Sith (2005). The series was considered canon until Disney rebooted canon in 2014. In that series Yoda battled Seperatists droids that infiltrated the Jedi Temple there. It's possible more fans know about the snow planet, Ilum, thanks to the 2008 Clone Wars series helmed by Dave Filoni. An episode where Yoda takes a group of younglings to find their kyber crystal to power their lightsabers.

It was speculated Ilum was transformed into StarKiller Base however, that has yet to be confirmed or denied. The only reason why I think this can't happen is because the only story point to force this is Rey needing a new crystal for her saber but we have seen the repaired Skywalker....Rey's hilt and seen it activated a few times on screen.

The scene that stole the show and has had the internet on a frenzy since this footage dropped was the formation of rebel ships. The term rebel is used here because midway through The Last Jedi, characters stopped using "Resistance," and reverted to the familiar "Rebel," term.

The first question someone asked themselves watching this is, "Who is piloting the Falcon?" That's a fair question and if someone did think or say that out loud, they were not alone. If you were to zoom into the cockpit of the Falcon, you can see Chewie's head, but either this is good troll or convenient framing, you can't tell who is in "Han's seat." The hope - Lando. A great way to refer back to The Return of the Jedi. Some might see that as a rehash but if Lando only gets this one film for a return, he should go out at the helm of the rebel forces and blast a lot of TIE fighters. Can you detect I had hoped for Lando to be involved in The Force Awakens (2015) and The Last Jedi (2017)? Just checking. Viewers may see only a dozen or so ships but if you look past the larger ships in the forefront there must be a hundred ships behind the Millennium Falcon. Classic fighters like the B-Wing and A-wing. You see some U-wings off in the distance. Classic Mon Calamari cruisers, (Possibly a medical frigate?) That reference to the medical frigate calls back to hope of mine from our live show that I want the final shot of IX to be reminiscent of the closing shot of Empire Strikes Back.


"A modified VCX-100 light freighter owned by the Twi'lek Hera Syndulla that was used by the Spectres rebel cell during the Age of the Empire. As part of the rebellion, the Ghost saw actions on numerous missions and skirmishes against the forces of the Galactic Empire," - Wookiepedia.

We also see a Hammerhead corvette, Bunkerbuster corvette, a Dornean gunship, and a Neb-B Green. But there are too many ships to identify let alone count. That was thought until one dedicated fan took to paint to circle and identify the above mentioned ships and more. A big thanks to twitter user, @AdmiralNick22 for a thorough breakdown of most if not all the ships showcased in this shot. You can and should read his entire thread directly below.

What do you think about this new footage? It seems fans will get that "War to end all wars," John Boyega was quoted about several months ago. Will it hold up to fan expectations? Let us know by tweeting us @BTBDStarWars

Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker will hit theaters December 20th, 2019. Tickets are now on sale as of Monday.