• Andy Lemiere

Takaways From the First Mando Monday


That was a lot of merch news from our first (of 8!) Mando Monday. We got news about everything from clothing, to skate decks, to board games, to toys yesterday - and a huge shout out to YakFace.com for keeping us all current with the news. Let's get into the hits and the misses!

Initially, many thought it was a curious move to have a Retro line of figures for a new series,

but after seeing the Retro Mando line, we were won completely over! The vinyl capes were a perfect throwback to the original Vader/ObiWan/Leia capes, and the only little critique we had was that Moff Gideo needed a telescoping, black saber coming out of his arm!

That's a lie: we had one big critique. There is a Retro Mando Trooper that is available only with purchase of the new Mandalorian Monopoly game. For those that want the whole set of Retro figures, you'll have to pay $49.99 to get this one. In the past, when a Retro figure (like Tarkin) was included in a game, it was for a game priced at $19.99 - a bit more reasonable.

Funko's had only two new pops (for now) and the Cara Pop had us wondering what that little badge she's wearing means.....?

The big news in The Vintage Collection was that the "Build Up Pack" from Friday was revealed to be a Mandalorian with beskar and ice cream maker tub and Child set. Looks very cool!

The Black Series gave us two offerings: a deluxe Mandalorian and a Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike with Child in a pouch. We can't say this enough, but the new packaging is fantastic - much better for display!

Finally, in what may be the most underrated announcement of the day, ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Gamorrean Fighter Maquette! This beauty has a limited run of 250 twelve inch statuettes, and would make any desk look 1000x better.

What was your favorite announcement from our first Mando Monday? Let us know on Twitter @BTBDNet or @Holochronicles and keep the coversation going!