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Story treatments for Solo 2: A Star Wars Series

If Disney does #MakeSolo2Happen, it would be best served as a series on Disney Plus. Below is our own Pete Fletzer's (@FletzerPete) pitch for an eight-part live action series, episode by episode.

Episode 1: The Job

Han and Chewie head to Tatooine in search of the “big job” Beckett told them about. The Falcon lands at Mos Eisley where Han and Chewie snoop around trying to find out where to find the Jabba the Hutt they heard about. Han sends Chewie back to Falcon to make some repairs and then a little too much bragging gets Han into a fight with a local gang.

Episode 2: The Contact

Han is beaten up by the gang in the streets of Mos Eisley when Chewie comes looking for him. Chewie scares away the gang and Solo, clearly defeated, tells his Wookiee friend, “I had this under control.” Chewie came to find him because he found someone who can take him to meet Jabba: a local and member of Jabba’s guard: Vul Tazaene. As they travel to the Palace, Vul doublecrosses them and turns Han in to the local Imperial garrison aware of his deserter status.

Episode 3: The Deal

Han and Chewie are being taken in binders to a makeshift prison on the outskirts of Mos Eisley when a firefight erupts. In the confusion, our heroes make an escape and decide “no reward is worth this and head back to the Millennium Falcon. When they get on board there are two people sitting in the cockpit: A Rodian named Greedo and a Mandalorian bounty hunter called Boba Fett. Boba says, “Anyone who dares to take on Crimson Dawn is good enough to work for Jabba. We’ll take you to him.” Han asks how he knows he can trust him. Fett replies, “You can’t, but what choice do you have? I can take your ship or I can just take ten percent of your haul from Jabba.”

Episode 4: The Meeting

Boba Fett introduces Han and Chewie to Jabba and vouches for them. Jabba tells him the job involves picking a load of spice from the world of Bonadan and deliver it to Jabba's home planet, Nal Hutta. They agree to terms and Solo and Chewie head off to the meeting location. Upon arrival on Bonadan, they begin the negotiations with the alien race that Jabba sent them to see. As the Falcon is loaded, the Bonadan dealers send the Millennium Falcon’s ID codes back to the Pykes who mine the spice on Kessel for clearance. Han and Chewie begin to leave the system and Solo says, “See? That was easy.” Suddenly based on the Millennium Falcon's codes, they are identified as the ship that escaped Kessel after stealing unrefined coaxium and “causing some trouble with our droids.” Before they make the jump to hyperspace, they are surrounded by Pyke fighters.

Episode 5: The Rescue

The Pyke fighters open fire and begin to gain the upper hand on the Falcon when a large battle ship appears in the system and begins to pick apart the attack. When the Pykes are defeated, a female voice comes over the commlink of the Falcon and says, “Come with me if you want to make it out of here.” Han says, “Thanks, we’ll just make the jump.” The woman implores him, “I can buy you some time and give you a place to cool off. Come with me. Besides, who always saved you from Proxima?” The battle ship pulls the Millennium Falcon into its hangar bay and, when Han and Chewie walk down the gangway they are met by Qi’ra. She tells them she was tipped off that the Pykes were going to intercept Han, and she couldn’t let that happen. She tells him, they are going to lay low for a little. “I have a place where the Pykes and the Hutts won’t dare come after us. Do you trust me?” Chewie moans in disapproval as Han agrees.

Episode 6: The Ascension

“So where are we?” asks Han as Qi’ra’s ship begins to come in for a landing. She tells him “Dathomir.” The ship is boarded by Zabrack guards, Qi’ra apologizes and Han and Chewie are escorted off the ship to meet Maul, head of the Crimson Dawn syndicate. He reminds them that they still owe him for the Coaxium they stole and offers them a trade: give Maul the spice and they can call it even. Han tells Chewie he has a plan and agrees. Maul thanks him and then has Han and Chewbacca put into a cell in a nearby mountain spire to, “wait until I need you again.” As they are being carted away, they pass Boba Fett walking into Maul’s throne room. They nod at one another. Fett delivers on a job he was running for Maul – a holochron to get the former Sith to Malachor. Fett tells Maul, he’ll turn over the treasure if he gives him Han and the Wookiee. Maul laughs at him and then a fight breaks out between the former Sith and the famed bounty hunter. Chewie and Han break free, Qi’ra offers her help and they make it back to the Falcon. Boba Fett narrowly escapes being killed by Maul who, now that he has the holochron, leaves Dathomir immediately to pursue his own personal obsession. Han begs Qi’ra to join him but since Maul has abandoned Crimson Dawn, she decides to stay on Dathomir as its leader. She tells Han that he will always have a job with her if he needs it.

Episode 7: The Ambush

Han and Chewie leave Dathomir with the spice in tow on their way to Nal Hutta. As they drop out of hyperspace, the system is flooded with Imperial cruisers. It seems that Nal Hutta is being raided by the Empire to shut down the criminal planet. The Falcon attempts to calmly navigate the blockade but within moments, they are about to be boarded. After an exciting space battle, a Star Destroyer locks onto the Falcon with a tractor beam. Before they are stuck, Han orders Chewie to dump the spice. “If they catch us with this spice we are done for.” Chewie roars. “Well, being AWOL from the Empire isn’t going to help us either.” The spice dissipates into space and the Falcon begins to be pulled into the Imperial ship.

Episode 8: The Escape

As the Falcon is drawn closer into the Star Destroyer, hundreds of pirate ships drop into the Nal Hutta system sent from Jabba to protect his homeworld from Imperials. The Empire is overwhelmed and forced into retreat. In the battle, the Star Destroyer releases the Falcon. Han is boarded by a band of Jabba's Nikto guards who demand the spice. Solo tries to talk his way out of the situation telling them that the Empire would've taken it anyway. They don't want to hear it. Han tells Chewie, "get us out of here!" A fist fight begins and Han pushes the Niktos into an escape pod on the Falcon, seals it and fires it out into space. Chewie and Han outmaneuver the pirate fleet and make the jump into hyperspace. They decide to take refuge on Nar Shadaa and try to figure out their next move. A scan around the cantina they sit in on the Smuggler's Moon shows glimpses of Bossk, Dengar, 4-Lom and more all exchanging glances. The camera pulls back over the shoulder of Boba Fett who motions with a nod toward Han and Chewie sitting in their booth. A large lizard-like man with a war knot atop his green head and long flowing robe pushes past Fett and makes his way toward our heroes. He sits down. "The name is Xizor. I understand there's quite a price on your head. Perhaps we could work together and help each other out. I have no love for the Hutts..."

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