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Star Wars: Squadrons - Community Manager Breaks-down fine details of upcoming game.

Updated: Jul 18

Pilots welcome to your next info brief - we have detained a spy code name “Charlemagne” who has been able to give us Inside information for the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons. - we decoded the following…

  • There will be only a standard edition to order - this means no steelebook or collectors editions

  • More details will come about how cross-play works

  • Ammo system will be for abilities and not for the lasers

  • When changing ships, you can do it when respawning, or by returning to your flag ship in Fleet Battles and changing inside the hangar

  • Dogfight mode has the normal point cap and timer

  • The targeting computer is manually controlled, but also has some automatic aspects

  • Future PB’s will discuss changing Loadouts in the ships

  • Team is not currently planning dedicated mod support, and if they do add it then it will be like the DICE policy was - if it’s offline, it’s okay

  • There will be a scoreboard to check mid-match

  • All cosmetic and upgrades are earned via gameplay; most are unlocked when player has progressed enough, but some have other sources

  • Auto-aim cannon component is not as powerful and has some downsides to it

  • Can toggle free-look in the cockpit, but there is nothing to share on TrackIR yet

  • Can avoid missiles with skilled flying

  • Potentially bots will not be marked in the UI as it currently stands 6/19

  • Primary weapons can be switched with a component, and there are 7 total component slots if the ship has shields

  • The two factions’ customised pilots in the game will be the same regardless of ship used on each side

  • Pilot customisation can be changed in the customisation menu outside of matches 6/19

  • A live game demo would be difficult given the working from home conditions 6/23

  • Nothing to share on the closed beta yet 6/25

  • Capital ships move around during fleet battles

  • AI fighters will use all ships, and will be part of the capital ships and flagships

  • All cosmetics are authentic to Star Wars and the pilots players will play as 6/29

  • The players’ pilot names can be changed

  • In fleet battles, after the first dogfight, the winning team attacks the capital ships and the defending team attacks the starfighters; if the defending team is successful in that phase then they will start attacking the other side’s capital ships. Once one sides’ capital ships are destroyed, it is easier to attack the flagship.

  • There will not be phase changes like in BFII Supremacy, instead the battle will flow toward the next phase

  • A player from any platform can invite someone from any other platform to play with them

  • Some resources have a cool-down while others are limited and can be resupplied by support ships and capital ships / flagships

  • Usually if something is finite it uses ammo, like missiles; if it does something to the ship or changes a function, it is usually a recharge, like a repair unit / astromech

  • Team discussed an Aurebesh option (for display text) at one point, but it is not planned now

  • The white spot on the throttle is the sweet spot for turning

  • Can go to multiplayer after the prologue

  • Voice chat is across all platforms

  • Ships can come to a full stop

  • Voice chat can be entirely turned off

  • All PC versions support VR, not just Steam

  • There will be an anti-cheat system

  • Will bring up the community’s desire for console HOTAS with the team again (at the moment it has only been confirmed for PC but they are not ruling consoles out yet)

  • The maps and environments are made to be immersive and make players feel like an Imperial or Republic pilot, while keeping gameplay balance in mind

  • The game’s mechanics make the winner of a dogfight more than just who sees the opposing player first. Countermeasures, boosts, drifting, and dropping mines are all examples of ways the fights will have more depth.

  • Spawns are balanced and varied, so spawn camping should not be a viable strategy (so happy to hear this!)

  • It is not possible for Fleet Battles to end in a draw

  • Players will be able to respawn through every phase of Fleet Battles

  • Almost everything is in first-person, including death animations (thats not morbid at all)

  • In Fleet Battles, the ability to dock in flagships to resupply will more or less be available during the whole match

  • Almost every component has a trade-off, so picking should be based on what the player likes to use. This includes components that are status buffs, as they also have detriments to choosing them.

  • Will bring up to the team the suggestion of a VR streaming feature like the one in Half-Life: Alyx

  • AI will respond to the events in Fleet Battles and engage objectives, but will not fly in any kind of special formations

  • There are not custom squadron options right now, in general your squadron is referred to as Vanguard Squadron or Titan Squadron

  • The NPC’s will not refer to you audibly by your chosen character name

  • The Fleet Battles will be longer than the dogfighting mode, but should not be ridiculously long like the hours that Supremacy in BFII could last 7/10

A big shout out to reddit user u/Aksudiigkr for compiling all this intel. Now pilots to your stations and may the force be with you!

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