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SPOILER REVIEW: The Mandalorian Episode 3: Dreams Do Come True

I’m here to tell you that dreams do come true, boys and girls. What do I mean by this? Stay tuned to this review but fair warning because spoilers abound from this point forward. I must warn you because this is the way.

Directed by Deborah Chow, Episode 3 picks up immediately after the events of last Friday’s Episode 2. Mando and The Child are aboard the Razorcrest and are

returning to the Guild. The Child (he has no name nor do we know his species name yet but I’m reluctant to call him Yoda anymore lest we confuse the two characters) continues to win our hearts, being the playful and innocent youngling that it is. The father/child relationship shines brightly as Mando tells it that the control knob is not a toy. It’s a brief moment but one that will play heavily in to Mando’s pivotal choices later on. We move closer to Mando returning The Child to The Client and all the while, as it peers timidly over the edge of the floating pod by Mando’s side, we ask ourselves “Is he truly a hero?” and “Will he really turn the baby in?” And he does but deep inside we know he will come back for it. This episode is called “The Sin” and this is why.

It’s soon after this that we learn a great deal more about the Mandalorian culture in this post-Empire world. We seemingly have one lingering question answered which is that these remaining Mandalorians never take off their helmets. Mando turns in the Beskar he earned as bounty for The Child to upgrade his armor, the armor that was destroyed by the Mud Horn, to a shiny Arthurian knight-inspired set that is the envy of all. The gold-clad female armorer forges him his upgraded suit.

Mando heads back to Carl Weather’s Greef Carga for his next bounty, a Mon Calamari, but when he sees the knob that The Child removed aboard his ship, he has a change of heart. I think it has to do with the flashback scenes of Mando as a child himself, amidst the Clone Wars complete with a menacing Super Battle Droid. His feelings of fear, as his parents hid him away all alone in the dark gave him insight in to what The Child might have felt as it heart-wrenchingly disappeared behind the doors with Dr Persing.

Maybe I’ve been playing too much Jedi Fallen Order recently but the next scene reminded me of a video game, as Mando tactically infiltrated The Client’s compound and took out blaster and flashlight wielding Stormtroopers with stealth, close quarters combat and Whistling Birds.

But then, outside, Mando is outnumbered as the entirety of the Bounty Hunter Guild receives notice that they’re on the move. Carl Weathers and his entire bounty hunter army surround them. So what does he do? He decides to take them all on by himself. And he’s doing a great job of it - plenty of disintegrations this time - but is seemingly about to be defeated by sheer numbers.

But then, all of the Mandalorians, with jet packs and rifles and mini-guns, swoop and fly in to Mando's rescue. Their shining armor, the jet blast from their packs and the glow of the lasers shooting from their weapons light up the killzone in all its deadly glory. The Heavy Armor Mandalorian whose name we learn is Paz Vizsla unleashes his massive firepower on the remaining Guildsmen. Paz sounds an awful lot like Jon Favreau himself, who happened to be the voice of Pre Vizsla on the animated "Clone Wars" series. He also voiced the Ardennian Rio Durant in Solo: A Star Wars Story but there's nothing to connect there unless we get in to his association with Tobias Beckett who killed the female bounty hunter Aurra Sing, Boba Fett's trainer. Also, the House Vizsla is quite important to Mandalorian history.

Remember I said that dreams do come true? It is exactly this, this squad of

Mandalorians, in live action, on screen together that I have dreamed for ages about seeing. It was an epic, amazing scene and a thrilling moment that had me, quite literally, clapping and cheering out loud. This scene has immediately catapulted to the top of my favorite Star Wars scenes, right alongside the trench run, the Vader hallway scene from Rogue One and the lightsaber duel with Darth Maul, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn (See? one from each era!) Mandalorians won’t leave their kind behind. They had to help our hero Mando. And so they escape in the Razorcrest, ready for episode four.

Tonally, this episode was a seamless continuation of the series. It struck the perfect balance of emotion and action, of calmer and quite moments with furious action. Deborah Chow, who directed episodes of "Better Call Saul," "Jessica Jones," and "American Gods," as well as the upcoming Ob-Wan Kenobi series knows how to shoot tight, crisp action sequences that are smooth and easy to follow.

Willrow Hood became a fan favorite in The Empire Strikes Back for evacuating Cloud City with what appears to be an ice cream maker. Decades later, dozens of cosplayers will be found at Star Wars Celebration parading around with their ice cream makers to celebrate the cult favorite.

We learn a great deal more but so much is still left to ponder. We finally learn what the ice cream maker from Empire Strikes Back is for; as this is what Mando’s loot is stored in. It turns out that this “camtono” is no ice cream maker at all. No. It is a portable vault to store valuables. That’s why Hood needed it as he evacuated from Cloud City. Just what is this baby and why is it so important and, really, so valuable? Who is The Client? Is The Client harvesting Force powers or could it be a clone baby? If Emperor Palpatine is alive, and he seems to be even as we approach Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, could the clones and harvesting of Force powers (midichlorians?) be a part of Operation Cinder? Will we go the entire season without seeing Pedro Pascal’s face? Oh, and will we ever get a look at those Twi’lek healing baths?

The final scene made me smile as it was reminiscent of Avengers, Independence Day, and something that Commissioner Gordon said to Batman: “I’ve got to get me one of those”.

I hope those heavy-armor action figures are still available at Christmas.

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