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SPOILER REVIEW: "Star Wars #14: War of the Bounty Hunters: Save Solo" by Charles Soule

"War of the Bounty Hunters: Save Solo" is the 14th issue of the "Star Wars" (2020-) long-run comic series. It was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Ramon Rosanas and Rachelle Rosenberg, and was published by Marvel Comics on June 16, 2021.

Hmmm...I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one. I mean it was good, for sure, but it didn't go far enough in making connections and the overall story of this Crossover Event is hindered by the fact we know that absolutely nothing comes of the whole story!! Han still ends up in Jabba's palace. The only character that might have an interesting backstory for where he ended up by the beginning of Return of the Jedi is Lando. Luckily, Lando's story in this event is fairly intriguing what with his working with Bib Fortuna and the crap he's gone through with Lobot. I'm not nearly as interested in Leia's determination and drive to find Han before Boba Fett gets him back...since...Boba Fett does get him back... Usually, I'm all for prequels and backstory--but that's when the backstory is consequential and shows how something came to be the way it is. Maybe this will prove to be that way eventually. I'll just have to wait it out and see.

Sneaky Lando!!

As for what actually happened in this issue, we have Leia getting a message from Amilyn Holdo (I was very happy to see her making an entrance into the mainline) about an auction being held for Han by Crimson Dawn. You'd think Chewie would have mentioned Qi'ra and her connection to the smuggler, but no!! He just goes on and on about how dangerous and sneaky and vicious the syndicate is. I don't know if he's trying to protect Leia or he doesn't think it's important, but I highly doubt the second option.

Amilyn Holdo on the scene!

As our heroes make their way to the auction, Lando is plotting with Bib Fortuna, telling the Twi'lek that he'll get him the Talky droid that knows the same language as the Rebels' secret code. Bad Lando!!! I'm hoping this is how he gains trust from Jabba, leading him to be part of Jabba's court...but then he goes by Tamtel Skreej...so who really knows. Either way, the intrigue with Bib Fortuna and the functioning then non-functioning then functioning Lobot makes this arc worth the read!

We do learn some surprising info about Leia. Apparently Commander Zahra got to her after all! The princess who's filled with hope brought down by a manipulative Imperial officer--surprising and sad, but I guess if the person who I'd been close with for years and had just kindled a romantic connection with went missing in such a horrendous manner, I'd have a hard time finding hope as well. She says, "Ever since Commander Zahra infiltrated the fleet, held that knife to my throat...something's been missing. I don't feel like I used to. I feel...hopeless. For the sake of the Rebellion, I've been going through the motions--but it has to stop."

Well, I guess it was a pretty good issue after all. And I'm still holding out hope that this backstory will be worth the pay off in the end!

MY SCORE: 7.5/10

"Star Wars #14: War of the Bounty Hunters: Save Solo" written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Ramon Rosanas and Rachelle Rosenberg

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