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SPOILER REVIEW: Episodes 1 & 2 of The Mandalorian usher in new era of Star Wars storytelling

I have a problem. My problem is not with Disney Plus or The Mandalorian show itself. It is not with Kathleen Kennedy or Jon Favreau. My problem is not in the magical way that this new entry in the Star Wars mythos has felt fresh and new and yet captured the feel and the heart of Star Wars. It’s not in the cool, gunslinger swagger of our mysterious Mando or the cute baby alien who floats on a magical air of mystique and innocence by our hero’s side.

It’s not in the call-backs in the premiere episode to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or even Gunfight at the OK Corral. My problem is not in the inspiration in the second episode to George Stevens’ classic Western Shane or the obvious inspiration from Kazuo Koike’s classic Japanese tale Lone Wolf and Cub. My problem is a simple one: How do I turn a review where I just want to say “I love it!” into something of length? Balance, I suppose.

From the moment I saw the first teasers and trailers