• Andy Lemiere

Scuba Pete's Star Wars Collection | Holochronicles #showmeyourcollection

Pet has maximized every inch of his Star Wars collection space. At first glance you might see a blue-lit, jumbled conglomeration of figures, vehicles and boxes.....but only if you're not paying attention.

If you look closely, you'll see everything is in it's proper place. Entire walls filled top-to-bottom with carefully place items, carrying out the them of the scene. The blue lights are apropos for a guy named "Scuba Pete" too. It's amazing really. Do you know how much time this all takes?!

I started collecting in 1978 when I was 6. My first figure was Farm Boy Luke and the X Wing Fighter. Princess Leia, R2 and Chewie were added quickly after that.( I still have all my childhood Star Wars.) I had other toys mainly Fischer Price‘s Adventure People and LEGO, but Star Wars was different. To be able to act out the scenes from the movie, with toys that accurately represented the characters was earth shatteringly cool!!!! After ROTJ, I didn’t collect anything Star Wars. I remember seeing some, but I was heavily into GI Joe by that point. (I see you GIJoes!) As a kid, it was just too damn long in between ESB and ROTJ to keep my interest. There were only so many birthdays, Christmas and chore monies to go around....so GI Joe and Space LEGO won. From probably 1986, my toy collection took a deep slumber. My parents carefully boxed up everything and saved it for that “One Day”. (My Dad remembers being told to get rid of his train set and still regrets listening to his parents, so they kept all of our toys. How awesome is that!!!) Flash forward to 2018. I bought a Castle Greyskull and that one purchase reignited the memories, the passion, THE STAR WARS collecting bug!!! All my old toys were pulled from their boxes and now proudly displayed and it’s been growing ever since.

What are your favorite items in your collection? My favorite childhood toy is my ‘78 Farm Boy Luke and original X Wing. Still works! Next up is the Shuttle Tydirium, followed by the Sherwood Forest version of the Ewok Village. Love my Murder Bears!!!

Anything you're looking to get next? Next up on the Get List is the TIE Interceptor and Vader’s TIE Advanced. Figure wise, I’m now onto most of the Last 17, lord help me!

Got a good Star Wars collector story to share? I actually received my buddy Roger’s Star Wars collection of Boxed/Mint 1990’s POTF2, Micro Machines and assorted memorabilia. 11 large boxes of Star Wars awesomeness...for FREE....sort of. My payment to him was to scuba dive his 10’ deep, natural swimming pool and get it cleaned out. 4 hours of scooping muck in the pitch black and it was paid in full. Great trade!

Shout out to anyone that hangs their ships from the ceiling! You can find Pete on Twitter @ScubaPete2 If you have a Star Wars collection (of any size), email us some pictures at holochronicles@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter @holochronicles.