• Andy Lemiere

Robbie's Museum Quality Star Wars Collection | Holochronicles #showmeyourcollection

Vintage Star Wars only, please. Robbie keeps things simple. I can tell you that as a Star Wars collector, it's difficult to limit what exactly to try and get - because there's so much cool stuff! But not for Robbie. He knows what he loves and as a result, he has one of the cleanest set-ups we've seen.

"I collected from the beginning. I was 8 when the original movie came out and was always asking for Star Wars. There was a long dry spell during the late 80s and the all of the 90s. I met my husband in 2002 and he had two children. His son was 2 at the time and I showed him SW on vhs. He really loved the robots and it reignited my collecting interest. I collected mainly modern until around 2012 I decided to get items I didn’t have a kid. I buy modern items that interest me but vintage is my main focus."

If you had a house fire and could only grab one or two items on the way out....what do you grab?

This is a hard one. A lot of items in my collection are from my childhood. I guess if I had to choose it would be my original figures I have on my stand. Especially R2 and Leia. They (along with a lot of the original figures) were well played with. They would be irreplaceable.

What is next on your "get list"?

Immediate goals is to get the Empire Hoth cardboard play sets. I hope to one day get the VC jawa but will need to build up the collecting funds.

Your collection is meticulously clean. We love it! Are you normally this particular about tidiness or is this just the cleanest room in the house?

Oh that’s funny. I never really thought about it. I wouldn’t say I’m meticulous, the collecting room is not a high traffic area so that might help and i guess that would make it the cleanest room in the house. I try to place items so they can be seen somewhat easily. Overall I don’t do a lot of cleaning. I have a small air purifier that runs 24/7 and that keeps the dust to a minimum.

Our collections represent bits of who we were, and who we are.

You can find Robbie on Twitter @pepekorff. If you have a Star Wars collection (of any size), email us some pictures at holochronicles@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter @holochronicles.