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REVIEW: The Rise of Kylo Ren #3, written by Charles Soule

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The Rise of Kylo Ren #3 was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Will Sliney and Guru-eFX, and published by Marvel Comics on Feb 12 2020.

This issue felt extremely short but it managed to move the story along quite a bit by having two stories occur simultaneously. Ben's battle with Tai, Hennix, and Voe was told back to Ren once Ben had found the Knights on Varnak. But as he's telling it, what we're seeing are panels of the actual battle and the dialogue that occurred. Of course there's also interjected commentary from Ren himself as he ponders over whether the death of one of these three Jedi in training was truly a good death...

In Ren's world, a "good death" is one that you cause for someone who means a lot to you. The only "good death" I can think of in Ben's life was that of his own father, but that was post-becoming a Knight of Ren. So where in the world is this series going to take us in order for us to get that "good death"?!? And we only have one more issue to find out!! I'm awaiting the future of this story with bated breath.

Before digging into the plot any further, I wanted to point out that the cover art is absolutely gorgeous!! It really sets off the dichotomy between Kylo and Ben beautifully.

So, as mentioned above, this issue does not connect directly with the previous one by going straight away into the battle between the four young Jedi. In fact, we are first led to believe that we won't get to see the fight at all except for its aftermath--Ben's clothes are all tattered and torn. And even Ren says, "The kid looks like trash. An actual pile of garbage. Find him some clothes. I mean...we're the Knights of Ren. We have a reputation." Makes me wonder how long they've been around and how old their reputation is... Check out the super sleek and cool get up they put him in instead! He looks like a bad guy now for sure.

Ren gets Ben to change into a Knights of Ren appropriate get up before setting off with them to find a good death.

Ren comments that Snoke thinks he and Ben could become friends...interesting that Snoke had such a connection with the Knights. I'm really wondering how much they knew about Snoke, if they knew Palpatine was behind him, and what kind of relationship they had?? Was it friendly? Competitive? Toleration?

Throughout the whole conversation, Ren is after Ben to prove he has enacted a good death. To try and argue his case, Ben details his relationship with each of the young Jedi (see a young Luke training a group of fledgling Force users at his temple). The trouble is, no matter what his relationships are like, even when Ben kills or thinks he's killed, he regrets it and tries to stop it from happening. Ren can sense this doubt and reluctance...will he disregard these emotions with hopes that the future will reveal a dark strength in the boy?? Or will he decide that Ben's not worth the effort??

Still young post-ROTJ Luke training the next generation of Jedi at his new temple.

There's only one more issue left in this mini-series and I feel like it has a LOT of ground to cover. I am definitely intrigued to discover how we got the villain we all know and love.

Score: 7/10 with high hopes that next week's issue will bump that number up quite a bit!

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