• Marie E. Wilson

REVIEW: Target Vader #5: "The Past" by Robbie Thompson

I've really been enjoying this series so far. Unfortunately, this issue left me with more questions than answers. I'm not really sure how they're going to be able to wrap it all up in just one more issue.

"The Past" is the 5th issue of the "Target Vader" comic mini-series. It was written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Cris Bolson, Roberto Di Salvo, Marco Failla, and Rachelle Rosenberg, and was published by Marvel Comics on November 13. 2019.

Regardless, it was definitely intriguing to get some insight on Valance's past both on his home planet of Chorin and in his service to the Empire (hence the title--"The Past").

Also, warning, this issue was highly gruesome in several spots...I was pretty taken by surprise at the degree to which they displayed the gnarliness (see the cover for a taste).

Last week we left Valance in a pretty tough spot. His entire crew had been wiped out by Vader, his EMP trick backfired and instead of shutting down Vader's suit, shut his own cybernetics down, and Dengar turned on him, siding with the Empire after