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REVIEW: Age of Resistance: Special

What a wonderful collection of stories!! We get tales of Maz, Holdo, and BB-8 and they are all a lot of fun to read and take in visually. Maz's story shows how much of a bada** she is! Holdo's story shows how valuable her unorthodoxy is. And BB-8's story shows the power of caring. All three told wildly different adventures and I greatly enjoyed each and every one.

"Special 1" is a one-shot issue in the Age of Resistance anthology comic series. It was written and illustrated by a number of different people and was published by Marvel comics on July 31, 2019.

"Maz's Scoundrels" written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Matteo Buffagni and Cris O'Halloran

Baron Samoreeva is a Devaronian who stole something from Maz Kanata and she wants it back! Turns out she's hired Chewie and Han for the job since it's a hit-and-run operation. According to her, Chewie hits very hard and Han is the best runner there is. Too funny!!

It's possible that Chewie and Maz have an actual past since when Han asks Chewie about the two of them and Chewie replies, Han says his buddy is giving him too much information...haha! But that leaves me wondering about Mala...maybe before they were married??

Apparently, Maz is a force to be reckoned with!! See a great panel of her and Chewie just annihilating their enemies...it is a beautifully terrifying sight! Those goggles make her look creepy as heck!!

So in this case, "Maz's Scoundrels" refers to Han and Chewie making it seem like there are more stories to tell. I want to hear them all!!

"The Bridge" written by G. Willow Wilson, illustrated by Elsa Charretier and Nick Filardi

We start on the Alliance arms-smuggling ship the Candor in deep space with Minister Holdo about to dye her hair. She apparently dyes her hair with Morogian Snap Plants which look like Venus Flytraps. It's kind of gruesome seeing the dead plant post dying. *shiver* It'd be different if it didn't have snapping, very animal-like, jaw.

And then, Holdo saves the day using a very unorthodox maneuver...typical and I love it! Her unorthodoxy in fighting is so similar to her unorthodox personality. She's bold, weird, and doesn't care what other people think...especially when she knows she's doing the right thing. Her quick thinking even gets her promoted to Captain! I'd love to know more of her Rebel years.

If you haven't read it yet, you should really check out Leia: Princess of Alderaan, too, which shows Holdo as a teenager...she is one unique gal!

To add to this, Elsa Charretier's artwork is simply magical...it hits just the right cord between children's bedtime story and big league comic. I love it!!

"The Bridge" refers to Holdo taking charge at the helm of the ship and calling the shots to save them all.

"Robot Resistance" written by Chris Eliopoulos, illustrated by Javier Pina and Guru-eFX

We begin at the planet Jhosh in the Fla'Nagan System where Poe and BB-8 are on a mission to collect troop movement data. Poe sends BB-8 in to the First Order base alone but is super worried that the little droid is going to get distracted. Lo and behold, he finds a trooper torturing droids and his little circuits can't handle the sight...so he attacks the trooper in a glorious rain of electricity. Man, is he powerful!

And it turns out to be a good thing he saved those droids because when he finds himself in trouble as was bound to happen, the others come to his rescue. The panels on this are so sweet and moving. Note: one of the droids looks like a miniature "Lost in Space" robot--he's so cute!!

Eventually, BB-8 and Poe return to Resistance Base LX-Robynsun V...a planet that made its first appearance in the Star Wars main comic line in issue #25!! So cool! Yay for actually reusing one of these many planet names.

I don't want to give away the ending of this one, so I'll just say that "Robot Resistance" is an apt title...and again...so cute.

Honestly, I couldn't have asked for better in this issue.

My score: 9.5/10

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