• Marie E. Wilson

REVIEW: Age of Resistance: Rose Tico: "My Hero" written by Tom Taylor

Well, I certainly can't say this was a ground-breaking issue. It pretty much covered everything we had already learned from Cobalt Squadron, Rose Tico: Resistance Fighter, and Bomber Command. No new information was revealed.

"My Hero" is a one-shot in the Age of Resistance maxi-series focusing on Rose Tico. It was written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Ramon Rosanas and Guru-eFX, and published by Marvel Comics on September 18th, 2019.

We've even seen Paige and Rose's house before so that wasn't all that mind-blowing either. This was a very sweet story and was a more succinct way of presenting the information that is much more detailed in the aforementioned three books. So if you just want a primer on Rose and Paige, read this comic. If you want more Rose and Paige, read the three books.

There wasn't even anything close to a storyline in this comic, it was just a description of what happened to Hays Minor (their home planet) once the First Order took over. Well, I guess there was one very brief sabotaging mission courtesy of the two sisters that took up a handful of panels... but that was it.

Z-95 Starfighter

We do get to see a Z-95 Starfighter which was cool and, I probably already knew this, but an interesting tidbit is that X-wings are modeled after them.

My biggest gripe with this issue was that after the destruction of Hays Minor, Leia talks to Paige and Rose in a conversation that nearly exactly mirrors a conversation Rose has with Holdo after Paige's death. I don't like the idea that Rose had to learn the same lesson twice--that every terrible thing that happens brings her back to square one. That's not the strong and courageous Rose that I know. The conversation is basically about how they can seek revenge and make an insignificant difference or can shore up their resolves and work toward making a significant difference by fighting for the lives of others instead of out of anger. It really is the same conversation just revolving around different circumstances. Oh well.

Rose and Paige's childhood home on Hays Minor in the Otomok System.

And the "Hero" in question, by way of the title, is in fact Rose as the narration bubbles throughout the issue belong to Paige. This could be seen as a surprise, but I was pretty sure they were going to pull the switcheroo on the reader from the very beginning. So it was more of a, "Yeah, I figured" when that reveal was made.

So, nothing new and nothing fancy and certainly nothing earth-shattering. But it was cute and enjoyable nonetheless.

My Score: 6/10 because it really didn't add anything to either character if you'd read the other material.

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