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REVIEW: "Age of Resistance: Rey: Alone" written by Tom Taylor

This was a good issue but not nearly as impactful as some of the others. This "Age of Resistance" run has definitely surprised me with how fantastic it's been but I'd have to say this was my least favorite. The story was interesting and new creatures were introduced which was cool and we get a sweet moment between Leia and Rey. So I of course enjoyed it, but it just didn't seem to inform Rey's character as much as say Hux's issue informed his or even Phasma's informed hers for that matter. But one thing this issue had in spades was choice dialogue!!

"Alone" is an issue of the "Age of Resistance" maxi comic series that focuses on Rey. It was written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Ramon Rosanas and Guru-eFX, and published by Marvel Comics on September 18, 2019.

We start on D'Qar with Leia hugging Chewie and it seems as if she has been crying over the passing of Han. Maybe she did get a moment to mourn after all. Then Rey appears, asking what it is Leia wanted to speak to her about before she left to go find Luke. Leia's apology for her delay is so sweet, "A hug with a Wookiee lasts as long as the Wookiee wants it to last." D'awww. I'm glad we finally get a solid hug between these two legacy characters! Leia then asks Rey to tell her about the confrontation between Kylo and his father...Rey is super uncomfortable with doing so but powers through it leading Leia to say, "Han knew there's a time to run and a time to make a stand." This after she noted how he would run away but then come flying back in for the rescue...just as he did with the Death Star trench run.

As Rey heads into the Millennium Falcon to set off for Ahch-To, Poe says, "Luke may be our only hope." with Leia responding, "No, I believe there is another." I LOVE this parallel to Yoda's "there is another" about Leia!! Obviously the woman has a lot of faith in Rey's perseverance, courage, and ability to keep fighting against the odds. I'm curious to see how all this plays out in The Rise of Skywalker!!

As Chewie, R2, and Rey head off at lightspeed to Ahch-To, they encounter some sort of energy field that disables their ship and sparks fly...poor Chewie even gets set on fire! To fix the ship, the trio land on a planet called The Necropolis that is a giant scrapyard of ships, perfect for scavenging and finding the part they need to fix the Falcon. During the process of them getting down to safety, R2 makes a stink (per usual) and Rey says, "Who programmed you with attitude?" This is so perfect!!! I think R2 always had attitude, even when he was the Naboo Queen's droid...perhaps there was a defect in the production process when he was created...would explain a lot!

Once they land, a giant crab/spider hybrid creature named Ara-Nea (which is oddly enough very similar to the scientific name for spiders in our world) demands $500 for a scavenging license and then lets Rey journey to the depths of the scrapyard to find the parts she needs. Apparently, it's a pretty lush place for the scavenging gig compared to even Jakku, and Rey says, "This isn't scavenging. This is a feast." Well, since something crazy has to happen for this to be a story worth telling, all hell breaks loose once...well, you'll just have to read to find out!! Turns out Ara-Nea may not be all that he first appears to be...and who really are the odd aliens who work for him??

Honestly, I just didn't feel like this story was necessary. Placing it in that timespan between Rey leaving D'Qar and arriving on Ahch-To just seemed shoe-horned to me. Why did she have to have an intense adventure when on her way to see Luke? She certainly doesn't seem to have been on one when she arrives on Ahch-To. Overall this just didn't work for me contextually. On its own it was a lot of fun, but in the context of the overarching story, I think it's better left out. Unfortunate, but hey, I can't be 100% for literally everything Star Wars that gets put out there...

Score: 6/10

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