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REVIEW: "Age of Resistance: Poe Dameron: Fight or Flight" written by Tom Taylor

This issue was a lot of fun and super mysterious! I was so pleasantly surprised by how it ended--way too cool!! Wonderful canon connections. And it was crazy funny in parts as well--in true Poe fashion--very reminiscent of his interactions with Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens and with General "Hugs" in The Last Jedi. Although this time the tables are turned on him and the people he's chasing are the ones who bring the humor. Either way it is utterly delightful.

"Fight or Flight" is an "Age of Resistance" one-shot comic about Poe Dameron that was released on August 28, 2019 by Marvel Comics. It was written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Ramon Rosanas and Guru-eFX.

We start off at the Brooksdion New Republic Space Station where Rapier Squadron--Poe's unit in the New Republic Defense Force--is chilling with some drinks. Apparently Kare Kun was also a member of Rapier!! So the two pilots must have joined the Resistance together. I want to know that story! Two men named Iolo and Muran are also members. Just as one of them is grabbing another drink, an alarm goes off calling Rapier to the hangar bay. It turns out that Admiral Mathieson's protocol droid's head has been stolen and it contains every conversation the Admiral has had over the past five years! Well, that's certainly not something you want to find its way into enemy hands. So Rapier flies out after the thief and attempts to catch them until they come across the Lost Souls Asteroid Field, and Poe, being the front lines leader that he is, flies straight into the danger while telling his squadmates to stay behind--such an admirable quality in a leader even if he does get carried away sometimes...

Unknown space slug species...

From there we get a wonderful back and forth between Poe and the thief over how to fly through the asteroid belt safely. And there are even giant space slugs!! They don't look like exogorths (from The Empire Strikes Back) though because they have these spikes all along the sides of their mouths and barnacle looking things beneath their mouths. They do call them slugs but maybe it's a different species within the same family or genus?? I really want to know more about them!

One of the funniest lines comes from the thief in response to Poe's over-confidence: "Don't pat yourself on the back too hard there. You might strain something." I freaking love this and it makes so much sense once you find out who the thief actually is!!

Blasting through a minefield.

There's even a connection to the TV show "Resistance" in the type of ship Rapier flies. They are what appear to be the blue T-85 X-wings very similar to what is seen in the opening scene of the TV show's pilot episode.

I also wanted to mention that the art for this issue was gorgeous! The space flight through the asteroid belt was spectacular and even before that, the alarm going off in the space station was super well done. I'm certainly impressed with both the lines and the colors. I want this team of Ramon Rosanas and Guru e-FX on more comics!!

So a super fun romp with humor, mystery, excitement, and danger--a perfect Star Wars combination. I definitely recommend this one for those who want to know more of Poe's beginnings as well as those who want to know more about the burgeoning New Republic military. And if you're just looking for a good time, this one would be a great pull.

My Score: 8/10

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