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REVIEW: "Age of Resistance: General Hux: Marooned" written by Tom Taylor

This was such a good issue and was so incredibly devious...Hux is a real go-getter! I actually didn't know he had it in him to lie and deceive so fully. I mean, yes, we get his dastardly betrayal of his father when he teams up with Phasma to kill Brendol (see the Phasma novel), but besides that we kind of see him as second fiddle in the ranks of the First Order. But this comic reveals a sneaky, playing it cool, and brutally honest man who knows what he wants and how to get it. Now I want so much more Hux!!! Note: This takes place before Force Awakens as Snoke is still Supreme Leader and Starkiller Base is not yet operational.

"Marooned" is a one-shot comic in the "Age of Resistance" series focusing on General Hux of the First Order. It was released on August 28, 2019 by Marvel Comics, was written by Tom Taylor, and was illustrated by Leonard Kirk, Cory Hamscher, and Guru e-FX.

The plot of the issue is that the First Order shuttle Hux, Kylo, and a pilot are on is sabotaged and falls to its demise on an unnamed planet--in other words the two men find themselves "marooned." Kylo incidentally saves Hux from death by saving himself from the wreckage. Then several giant blue beasties with fangs sticking up out of their mouths (called Norwoods) appear and knock out Kylo while Hux hides in the bushes. Then an Alderaanian man appears who escaped the Civil War to live on this seemingly uncharted planet. Hux plays it super cool with the man (Bylsma), proclaiming that the Empire is gone and "Ben" is the son of Leia Organa herself. See the smirk pictured below for what's really going through his head as he says all these nice and rebellious things. Bylsma then takes the two to his CR90 corvette (same design as the Tantive IV!!) and Hux convinces him to finally reach out with a signal to get help...well, we all know how that's going to turn out. Poor Bylsma and the truth that he's about to be faced with!!

A Norwood and Kylo Ren.

There are some truly wonderful quotes in this issue including Hux going off on Kylo--"With your petulant tantrums and your...Vader wore his mask because he couldn't breathe without it. But you...you just play dress-up to hide the faces of your Rebel scum parents..." Dang Hux!! Just dig right on in! And Kylo, while brandishing his lightsaber at the general, doesn't kill the man because Hux reminds him that Snoke would know of the betrayal. Their relationship is so incredibly interesting and I can't wait to see how it has developed now that Kylo is the Supreme Leader.

General Hux's devious look.

To convince Bylsma that everything is safe and happy now, Hux says--"We're working on something. Something that will finally bring peace and order to the galaxy." Such a tricky, tricky lie melded with truth, at least from Hux's perspective.

And Snoke, when speaking to Kylo about Hux after the two have returned to the First Order fleet and Kylo asks why Snoke keeps the general around, says--"Men like Hux are useful. Men consumed with ambition, fueled by spite. […] Pups who are abused often become vicious creatures. But they never forget where they came from. And they never forgive." This is brutal! We see though some of the abuse Hux endured in the opening part of the book that takes place during his childhood...and it really is horrendous. His father hated him. His father's co-workers hated him. They all treated him like utterly worthless trash. So sad...no wonder he grew up so insanely power hungry and super scary (re: Starkiller Base speech).

CR90 Corvette!!

Again, this was a fascinating book that gave some real depth to Hux's character. I was wholly pleased and definitely want more of the general now. I cannot wait to see what they do with him in Rise of Skywalker!!!

My Score: 9/10 probably because I just love it when the bad guys gain extra layers and depth to their characters.

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