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REVIEW: Age of Resistance: Finn: "Infestation" by Tom Taylor

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

This was a great story that was right in line with Finn's tale in Star Wars Adventures' "Pest Control" in which Finn sides with a beastie over his fellow troopers. The outcome was different this time around but it was still a happy ending. I also like getting to see Finn on sanitation detail because it's a big story point in The Force Awakens. What exactly did Finn's work as a janitor entail? Well this issue has some very interesting answers for us...

"Infestation" is the first issue of the Age of Resistance series. It was written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Ramon Rosanas and Guru-eFX, and published by Marvel Comics on July 3rd, 2019.

We meet FN-3761 who Finn (at the moment FN-2187) is cleaning floors with on Starkiller Base. Finn has a mop and FN-3761 has a vacuum cleaner. Finn seems right at home cleaning up so one can only assume this is his daily routine. Then the two troopers get a call that a construction crew has encountered a "blockage." Turns out it's more of an infestation of something big, scary, and angry !! So Finn and FN-3761 along with a group of other troopers set out to deal with the problem in a tunnel suffering a black out.

The captain of the "cleaning crew" pronounces that "This tunnel is worth a lot more to the First Order than you are." in response to FN-3761's question about why they can't just blow up the tunnel with the bad beasties in it. This reminds me of a Twitter conversation I had recently where we were discussing the "Target Vader" series and how perhaps Valance wouldn't have been so hellbent on Vader's destruction if the Empire had cared for him after his injuries and overall treated its people like people rather than cannon fodder. It appears (as we all know) that the First Order is no different. How might this treatment of soldiers affect their ending in The Rise of Skywalker?...

So the crew goes in and blasts/torches away at the creatures. At first Finn is all for it, seeing the animals as just infesting critters. But then he sees a different picture...one that changes his mind entirely. I won't give it all away here but will say that the story is super sweet and the ending is unexpected.

One funny quote by Finn--"You're not eating my head. I need it for thinking!" The first trooper to take off his helmet when they entered the tunnel was decapitated by the creatures so Finn says this after he was left behind on clean up duty and is rushing to put his helmet on.

I also want to mention another interesting aspect of this issue. Apparently, the First Order sent all their garbage from Starkiller Base to a moon by the name of Maher. And a trooper is required to escort the garbage there in conjunction with another person whose position is not clear but they don't seem to work for the First Order directly. Finn gets put on just such escort duty after the Captain tells him, "You want to defend something worthless? You can spend some time escorting garbage." The something worthless the captain was referencing were the creatures. Finn went to him, hoping that he'd want to save the native animal life of Starkiller Base. Sadly, the answer was obviously a no. So, it looks like Finn's sanitation detail included cleaning floors, wiping out infestations, and escorting garbage...at least the job had variation...

Overall, I did enjoy this story very much and think it gave us more of Finn's heart. It really does work well in tandem with "Pest Control" in that Finn is defending the lives of creatures that can't stand up for themselves. Perhaps that's how he sees Rey at first...until he realizes she can handle things very well on her own and he decides to truly become a part of the Resistance. He realizes that being a part of this new group will allow him to continue standing up for the actual downtrodden and misunderstood. Goodness, I can't wait to see how he's used in The Rise of Skywalker!! I'm sure he's grown and matured and has become more of his own man and I definitely want to see what that looks like.

My Score: 7.5/10

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