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Princess Leia Battle at Echo Base Funko Pop! revealed

A happy Friday to Star Wars fans and Funko Pop! collectors because the Star Wars Battle at Echo Base Series - Princess Leia, Amazon Exclusive dropped on Amazon. This is the fifth of six figures in the series. As we have detailed in the past, when you collect all six, the bases connect for a pretty sweet display.

A really solid choice to have Leia at a holo screen. Other than her in the hallway arguing with Han, there might not be a better choice for her majesty.

According to Funko: "The Star Wars, Battle at Echo Base Funko Pop! Deluxe Series is a brand new set of exclusive combinable figures. All celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and the ice planet of Hoth."

What do you think of this fifth installment of the Star Wars Battle at Echo Base Series? Any guesses at what the sixth and final Pop! will be? Tweet us your idea at @BTBDStarWars!