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Possible link to Snoke and Knights of Ren in new cover art for "Kylo Ren" comic

Comic book fans are getting their first glance at covers for Charles Soule's The Rise of Kylo Ren, set to drop this December. Now speculation rises from the dark with a possible connection between The Knights of Ren and Snoke after the covers and solicit for the series was released on Thursday.

Cover art for "The Rise of Kylo Ren" #2 written by Charles Soule and art from Will Sliney. Issue due out January

"With the new Jedi school in ruins and fellow students hot on his trail for the murder of their master, Ben Solo flees to the only friend he has left in the galaxy…a man named Snoke. But Snoke has plans for Ben…and ideas about the Force that are as dangerous as they are intriguing for the troubled young Jedi.

If Ben wishes to be truly free…the answers might lie with the dark side. And with the Knights of Ren! But it won’t be the first time he’s tangled with the Knights.

In the past, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker journeys to the Unknown Regions and brings young Ben along for the mission. Can even Luke Skywalker stand against the fabled Knights of Ren?!"

It's possible this handful of sentences already changes one's understanding of Ben Solo and his connection to the Knights of Ren. If anything, this confirms the Knights of Ren were already an established threat in the galaxy.

* I assumed, like many, that the Knights of Ren were former apprentices of Luke. That was based on what we see and hear in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi in regards to Ben destroying the temple and taking a handful of Luke's students. It would make sense Ben would transform into Kylo and make this ragtag group of apprentices his crew. Maybe that could still be the case since we don't know how the story plays out. My original theory does feel disproved by the summary released today. Another possibility that still seems possible is The Knights of Ren are related to the Acolytes of Beyond as mentioned in Aftermath: Empire’s End. Guess we find out either way on December 20th.

Now that you have an understanding of what is set to take place, lets take a closer look.

On the front cover you see Ben Solo and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker circled by the Knights of Ren. But look close at the helmet of the Knight of Ren wielding a red lightsaber. There are markings on his helmet. At first, they look like battle marks. But then one notices the other helmets to void of markings. Now this is where the connection to Snoke begins. The markings resemble the Dwartii glyphs on Snoke's ring. We only know this because we have the The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary.

We don't know much about Snoke's Ring. What we do know is gathered from a handful of Lucasfilm Publications. Wookiepedia has a nice summary.

"He wore on the index finger of his left hand. It was made of gold and was enscribed with glyphs from the Four Sages of Dwartii, and also was encrusted with obsidian from the Sith cave beneath Fortress Vader on Mustafar. " -- Wookiepedia

We did tweet at Charles Soule for any input but we have a feeling he won't touch this either way. That could mean we are right, or we have wasted precious time.

The original announcement was made at the Lucasfilm Publishing panel at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. You can read Charles' original tweet announcing the project below.

A Star Wars fan or comic book fan or a combination of the two could argue Charles Soule has created some of the most captivating Star Wars stories of the last decade with characters like Darth Vader, Poe Dameron, and this December, Kylo Ren.

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"The Rise of Kylo Ren," is a four-part Marvel Comics miniseries that drops this December.