• Andy Lemiere

Paul's Awesome Collectibles | Holochronicles #showmeyourcollection

Paul has some fantastic items in his Star Wars collection. It's an organized, well thought out displayed collection. As you'll see in the gallery below, they all seem to be of high quality as well. Most impressive.

When did it start for you Paul? "I have a collection of about 400 or so carded 3.75" figures that I started in 1999 when I saw Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu on a Phantom Menace card. It was so awesome, I had to have it! I mean, SAMUEL L. JACKSON, AS A STAR WARS ACTION FIGURE?! Hell yeah! Who wouldn't want that!? Then the figures just spiraled from there. However, due to space limitations and my intolerance for "clutter," they are all stored away in plastic totes." If Paul needs to figure out a place to display those figures - we can help! (Heehee!) So why helmets?

"The helmets started about five years ago when I picked up the first one: The eFX A New Hope Stormtrooper helmet. I'd always wanted a full size helmet, but until recently, I'd just never looked intently. I stumbled upon eFX's website and saw it on there. I grabbed it up, placed it in a case where I had other helmets like a pro NFL team helmet, a motorcycle helmet and whatnot. About a year later, I discovered Anovos and I began collecting in earnest. They're like "potato crisps" as the UK boys say - once you've had one, it's difficult to stop, and I was fascinated. I started joining collecting groups online and doing a lot of research and investigating to find helmets I wanted but that weren't made by Hasbro or Anovos. Then, early last year, I found myself with a lot more free time and began acquiring them quickly. That's how I ended up with what you see today; with three more currently on the way throughout this year... and most likely plenty more as I can find them. The gray armor came from Anovos as a standard white TK set and was originally purchased to be placed on that dummy to be an alternative to a stormtrooper statue, since I didn't have one and couldn't find one at the time. After I got the Sideshow statue, I painted and modded the armor to become the completely made up, absolutely non-canon "Tactical Operations Stormtrooper." It was a fun project and was also done so I could actually wear it as a costume, since the full TK set was too small for my large frame. With mods, I can wear it now should I choose to."

And why Troopers?

I am old enough to have seen Star Wars in the theater in 1977. My life was changed when

those stormtroopers burst through the Tantive IV door and I was utterly captivated. Cool, gleaming armor, deadly precision (well at least at that moment) and captivating action were what I remember most from that scene and it stuck with me for life. I've loved the stormtroopers ever since. Fast forward several decades later and I've spent five years in the US Army and 26 years in a very martial career and that only added to my love of the militaries of Star Wars. They way the units are designated and specialized harkens to regular, real-world militaries of today, and with so many variations of cool and interesting troopers, the possibilities for helmet collecting are nearly endless! My original intention was to simply fill one Detolf case with the four variations of the basic trooper helmets (Phase I clone, Phase II clone, Original Stormy and First Order Stormy) as a kind-of museum display in my house, but I caught the bug and currently need a couple more cases as the collection grows!

Is there a helmet that you're still looking to get?

So the answer to that changes depending on what I have at the moment, new content released, and what I see out there. After the second season of Mandalorian, I NEEDED a Mortar Trooper helmet. I just acquired that by doing a mod on a Hasbro Incinerator Trooper helmet; my first mod ever. Right now, I need a transport driver helmet as seen in the episode with Bill Burr where they infiltrate the Remnant Imperial Rydoonium mine. I love the utilitarian look of the helmet, the color scheme and the fact that one of my favorite personalities, Bill Burr, was wearing it. After that, we shall see what's next. I have a Clone Phase I coming from Italy, and I pre-ordered a Hasbro Mandalorian helmet and a Hasbro Boba Fett helmet (older style.)

What's your favorite item in your collection?

Hands down, my favorite item in my collection isn't even a helmet. It's my "holy grail" piece:

the full-size stormtrooper statue. I saw one of these for sale in Sharper Image (remember those) back in 1996 and they wanted $3000 for it. I passed it up because that seemed like a lot of money back then and I've kicked myself ever since. Then I ran across Sideshow Collectibles a few years back and their selection of full size statues. That site is DANGEROUS! I could spend many dozens of thousands of dollars on full-size items there, but I also like being married to my wife, so..... haha! I picked up my full-size stormtrooper statue back in March of 2018.

You can reach Paul on Twitter @Pauls_Collect and let him know what you think of his primo Trooper buckets! If you have a Star Wars collection (of any size), let us know! You can email us at holochronicles@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter @holochronicles