• Andy Lemiere

Nice Star Wars Collection, You Rebel Scum!, HoloChronicles #ShowMeYourCollection contest

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

James, from the Rebel Scum Podcast Network, has been drawn to the Black Series since they came out in 2013.

"Years ago I saw a Boba Fett black series and I decided not to buy it (this was a long time ago). Then I randomly decided I wanted it and saw it in eBay for over $200... I didn’t buy it but when The Force Awakens came out I saw the Black Series Kylo and got it. Then I went to a Disney store and saw the Elite Kylo, Phasma and Stormtrooper. They told me about these weekly draws to win “exclusive” figures (Maul, Anakin, etc). I went every other week to the draw and won each figure. I really like the detail of them and that they’re die cast. My favorite item in my collection is somewhat incomplete - it’s a die cast millennium falcon hot wheels from 1996/1997. I was a teenager and at the time I thought it was the coolest thing! My d