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New images of Black Series “Rebels” , classic characters, and Mandalorian figures sweep internet

Fans are freaking out over new images of classic Star Wars Rebels characters in Hasbro’s Black Series form. Finally a Zeb! These new box designs alone are freaking fantastic! These seven figures all feature incredible attention to detail. The Ahsoka and Ezra figures especially catch one’s eye.

The classic figures are just as eye-catching and feature a new Luke X-Wing Pilot design, Admiral Ackbar, a Camino Clone Trooper and a badass Logray Ewok. Color schemes on the side panels will vary, but go together like the Rebels figures above. The Mandalorian will certainly be a hot figure to grab!

What do you think of these new figures? Will you buy them when they drop, or have you already pre-ordered them? You can do so by clicking here to head to Amazon.

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