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Milestone reached! Beyond The Blast Doors passes 1,000 subscribers on YouTube

Updated: May 18, 2019

Beyond The Blast Doors passed the first of hopefully many milestones on YouTube surpassing 1,000 subscribers on Thursday. Below the BTBD team wanted to share thanks and appreciation for the incredible support the past two years and of course into the future.

"THANK YOU! Thank you for every view, like, comment, share, DM, and anything else you did to participate and share our show. We are so thankful to you, the viewer, for joining our Star Wars conversation," BTBD Creator and Host David Amelotti said.

"It is such a joy to watch the Beyond the Blast Doors Star Wars conversation grow!" BeyondTheBlastDoors writer Marie Wilson shared. "I am so happy to be a part of such an energetic and passionate community. Here's to the awesomeness I know lies in store for the future!"

David, Jesse, and Steve with The Emperor at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019.

"I'm awed and humbled that we have 1,000 people who have subscribed to us. It's been a fun adventure since David invited me over to talk about Star Wars in his kitchen. BTBD has introduced me to the world of conventions, the world of comics, expanded my views on Star Wars, and have given me a great new group of friends that I now call family. ," David Gilbert said with his right pinkie finger reversed to the side of his lips in an attempt to be cute and seductive.

"I’m not sure where to begin or really what to say. However this journey that we took together as a bunch of nerds out of the Midwest has been rewarding and one of the best experiences of my life in the past two years. Thank you everyone and may the Force be with you," Co-host Jesse Buch said with excitement.

David, Jesse, and Steve with Battlefront 2's Janina Gavankar at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019.

"It's like watching your baby boy grow up into a nerdy man. Onward and upward!" Rebel scum and animator Steve Heineman shared on Facebook. "When Beyond the Blast Doors hit the 1000 subscriber mark, I felt immense pride in everything that has been done. The crew has been training and sweating to step up to the starting block. Here we stand with every muscle tight with anticipation, ready to run head first into this show. Hitting this point is the beginning that was a hard fought uphill battle," Stephen Garrett said with joy in his heart.

Below are a few of the kind messages we received from friends across social media. A big thanks to you for helping us celebrate!