• Andy Lemiere

Marshall Julius's Incredible Star Wars & Pop Culture Collection

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Marshall Julius is an entertainment journalist, film critic and author of Vintage Geek - the ultimate quiz book for nerds. He has an appreciation for all things "pop culture" and has a collection to match - including a ton of Star Wars items!

He estimates that about a third of his collection is Star Wars, and that makes it the most collected genre. He has many toy tastes, like the Simpsons, but his love for Star Wars and Sci-Fi goes back into the 70's. Like many of us, Marshall owes his love for toys to a family member, "It all began with my cousin Ron, who remains one of my closest friends. He was my nerd sensei for as far back as I can remember. He always had the best stuff - I was so in awe of him." (Cousin Ron recently produced The Twilight Zone stage show in London and is just a fantastic nerd!)

One dilemma collectors must answer is: Do I take it out, or leave it in the box? While everyone answers it differently (which is great), we love Marshall's thoughts on the subject. "I'm particularly fond of Star Wars and Marvel LEGO, which I instantly unbox, build and display. I am, generally, a militant un-boxer. I'm not a toy shop. I'm not collecting as an investment. I want to see the stuff I get, hold it in my hands, maybe even play with it and then properly display it."

"Outside of Star Wars, I guess I collect superhero stuff the most, but what really catches my eye are aliens, robots, monsters and villains. The weirder and more colorful the better."

When asked about his favorite Star Wars items, Marshall said that "if there's a fire then I probably just stay in here." Understandable. In a collection this vast and full of cool items, it'd be difficult to pick one or two!

We loved sitting down with Marshall and chatting with him about his incredible collection. Here's a link to that discussion:

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