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Marc Thompson to play Darth Vader in Dr. Aphra audio drama, pre-order link now available

While speaking to Pete Fletzer on this week's episode of Around The Galaxy, acclaimed voice

actor and narrator of more than 50 Star Wars audiobooks, Marc Thompson shared that he has just wrapped work on the Sara Kuhn audio drama, Doctor Aphra.

"I'm playing Darth Vader and a bunch of characters in that," he said near the end of the interview.

On the talkshow, Thompson also shared some insight into the origins of Grand Admiral Thrawn's accent and tone as well the process for creating an audiobook in the Star Wars universe. When asked about his favorite characters to bring to life on audio book, Thompson said, "any time I get to [play] Yoda it's a dream come true. That character means so much to me."

The episode also features Fletzer light-heartedly speaking to Thompson while he performs eight of his most famous Star Wars voices including Thrawn, Han Solo and Yoda. You can listen to the full Episode number 69 of Around the Galaxy on audio here or anywhere you find podcasts or watch the interview on the Beyond the Blast Doors YouTube channel.

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