• Andy Lemiere

Mandalorian Season 2 trailer teases larger galaxy to explore

Star Wars fans "finally" got the trailer for season 2 of the Mandalorian - and it didn't disappoint! As a Star Wars consumer, I am of the mind that "less is more", and this trailer was a great balance of showing us some cool bits without giving much of the story away.

**It bears mentioning that we should be cautious in turning our ideas into our expectations. This happens a lot in our fandom and almost always ends in disappointment.

What was AWESOME:

  • The trailer kicks off with a battered Razor Crest listlessly flying toward an Earth-like planet. Things aren't well. This shouldn't be overly surprising, but starting off with uncertainty is the perfect way to hook viewers. We are already asking and wondering "What happened?" within 5 seconds.

  • Recapping with the Armorer's lines was a perfect set up to this season.

  • Speeder bikes being driven like dirt-bikes in the XGames is definitely THE WAY.

  • The Mandalorian seems to bring back familiar people, creatures and places without it feeling like "fan-service". This trailer includes such recognizable things like: a Tusken Raider atop a Bantha (presumably on Tatooine), a Quarren and Mon Calamari (harbor presumably on Mon Cala), Gamoreans, and X-Wings. Favreau and Filoni are really making an effort to keep old and new fans engaged, and it's working.

  • Close your eyes and listen to the trailer. Ludwig Goransson is already pushing past where he left off from last seasons's score. From metallic wind-chimes, to throat singing, to the familiar Mando theme, we are going to be treated to an auditory feast this season.


  • Greef Karga looks stately in this scene. Could he have taken on the role of a public servant/mayor on Nevarro?

  • We see a quad-squadron of those folding-wing TIE fighters on the ground, but that got me thinking of another scene where Stormtroopers were running down an Imperial-like corridor - Do you think Moff Gideon has a Star Destroyer?!

  • Aside from seeing Sasha Banks's robed character (some say she's Sabine Wren) we still have no visual confirmation of Rosario Dawson, Katee Sackhoff or Temura Morrison's characters. Those reveals may (or may not) be coming as the season progresses.

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