• Shannon Moran

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Pushed to Spring 2021!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The Lego Star Wars community kept holding its breath and waiting for that gameplay trailer. First teased way back at E3 2019 and then another trailer in December 2019 but after that news and images had been quite sparse. First it was speculated that it would be at Xbox Game Showcase, then it was speculated that it would be at DC Fandome because part of the lego games franchise is owned by WB games. But that didn’t come to pass either so our last hope was Gamescom. Luckily we finally got that trailer we all had eagerly been waiting for. But Eagle eye'd viewers saw very briefly, before it was changed on the Lego website, that sadly we got the bad news we were all expecting

But first lets talk about the new Lego Star Wars trailer that premiered on August 27 at Gamescom. This trailer knew exactly what it was doing as it match the music from the final Rise of Skywalker trailer, which was very moving and epic. I’m not gonna lie, by using that music, you got me right in the heart strings and I was totally on board with this game even more. What I liked about the trailer was a lot of fun moments which I know was very characteristic of the Lego Star Wars franchise. Things like Luke drinking blue milk right before the battle in Tatooine made me think of Popeye this Sailor Man or Lego poking fun at the ever evolving debate over who shot first between Han and Greedo.

What stood out to me was some of the gameplay footage which really did look like gameplay because of the way the position the camera. It also felt like they were using assets and backgrounds from the battlefront game i.e. the Darth maul fighting area which is very prominent in the Heroes versus Villains Mode. It just seemed like Legos, but then thrown into a fully rendered background seemed a bit off to me. But at the same time you can’t have the background is completely on Lego otherwise it won’t stand out.

The Fx in this video look amazing like fire, blasters, lasers, and smoke. I think it’s really going to add to the atmosphere of this game. I’m really excited and maybe a bit spoiled that this is

my first entry into the Lego Star Wars franchise.

Some other YouTube content creators pointed out there was some dropped frames predominantly in the Han and Chewie exchange where they smack C3 PO around. I guess for me this didn’t bother me as much because it showing this really is game footage or it could just be the way it was captured. We know as streamers and content creators that sometimes technology fails us. I don’t know why I didn’t pass the quality check but it didn’t bother me too much per se but I do understand peoples concerns.

It has been confirmed that there is going to be at least 100 playable characters and I’ve also heard numbers up to 500 characters. I don’t know if they’re all playable because some of the videos articles I’ve read are kind of doubling up people. Like you have BB8 and then you have dirty BB8, Leia with gloves, Leia without gloves. If that’s how you’re going to count them then yeah of course it’s going to be 500 character count but if that’s the case that is truly mind blowing.

Now for the bad news as we saw at the end of the trailer we now have to wait until spring of 2021 for this game to come out. But through some data mines and leaks through Best Buy, it looks like they’re actually 4 confirmed, (eight speculated) DLC packs for this game which I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. As this is the Skywalker saga, why brand it that and then have a Mandalorian DLC or a bad batch DLC.

But time will tell and I’m just really looking forward to this game and if I have to wait and get a complete non-buggy game then so be it. I’d rather have a good for complete game then a rush to try and make that October 20th original deadline. So while that’s a shame we want to play this year that’s okay we have a games like squadrons and the Sims and a few other things to keep us busy.

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