• Andy Lemiere

Lee's collection is as sweet as syrup | Holochronicles #showmeyourcollection feature

Each week Andy and Josh on ”Holochronicles“ features a Star Wars collection every weekend using the hashtag #showmeyourcollection.

This week's featured collection comes to us from the Great White North! Canadian Chris Lee @MrChrisLee24 has been a collector since 1998. He used baseball bat cases for his Funko Pops - which is a fantastic way to organize and display!

Some notable pieces in his collection are the Wampa snow-globe and the Jedi Training Ball Alarm Clock. His two favorite pieces are the the artwork he got in Las Vegas and the Commander Cody bank. Thanks for sharing Chris!

If you have a Star Wars collection of any size, please DM us @holochronicles on Twitter, or email us at holochronicles@gmail.com We'd love to see what you're into!