• Andy Lemiere

Kewal's Cool Carded Figures | Holochronicles #showmeyourcollection

Kewal is known online as "Blacked Out Ewoks" (or BOE) - which is a reference to some of the Return of the Jedi cardbacks that have 2 figures "blacked out" with smudges so you can't see which ones will be released next (spoiler: they are ewoks). This reference is appropriate for Kewal because he is a passionate vintage Star Wars collector.

When did you start collecting? I started collecting in late 1992, I saw a 12 Back Princess Leia in Forbidden Planet and it brought back all the memories. I think the first couple of carded figures I acquired were the Trilogo AT-ST Driver and Teebo for around £3-4 each in a comic store in Portobello Road.

Your carded figure collection is amazing - why do you collect "Mint on Cards" (MOCs): I just love the cards, the classic design that still holds sway with Hasbro's Vintage Collection and Retro Collection. In the early 90s you could pick up the figures carded for as low as say £7 at collector events in London. The nostalgia that I have for these cards...my mum taking me and my sister to Barnett's Toy Shop to chose a carded Star Wars figure in 1978. My first figure was the Han Solo on a Palitoy card which cost 99 pence then!

Asking "what's your favorite item in your collection" is like choosing your favorite child. But if you had to pick....: From Childhood, getting the Millenium Falcon Christmas 1981. In terms of what I have collected as an 'adult' I would say a Gamorrean Guard carded sample on a TESB card which I got in 2010. Why the gammy? Well it's a pre-production piece and it clearly looks pretty far-out and quirky. (Sometimes the odd ones tug at our hearts!)

What is next your "must get" list? Goodness, I am such an unfocused and messy collector: modern, vintage, foreign and Kenner...I would say that the Last 17 Luke Stormtrooper on a decent card, my POTF his a cracked blister.

You can find Kewal on Twitter @Ewoksout and on youTube at BOE. Let him know what you liked! If you have a Star Wars collection (of any size) then let us feature it on our weekly #showmeyourcollection article. Reach out to us on Twitter @holochronicles or email us at holochronicles@gmail.com.